Plants up to 40 days and germination


Day 4 on White Alien hopefully sprouts soon!


@Dew The anticipation is real… hopefully you see it pop this weekend!





Has the white alien emerged yet @Dew?


Negative @Stephen, did my first drain/fill last night, maybe the nutes will help it out?


Nope, the nutes won’t help at all. Each seed contains enough for it to germinate and get started, won’t be looking for food for a bit. The key to germination is:

  1. Good fresh genetics. (No old bag seed)
  2. The correct mix of oxygen and water. (This is provided by the coco plug & Grobo)

I’d be digging into the pod to see if the seed has cracked yet. It may need a couple of days to emerge, but I’d be looking to replace it and start again soon. I’m assuming it’s been about 7 days?



Correct 7 days. Being it has no roots I didn’t think so, but had the thought the nutes would soak into the pod or something and help it out lol. It has cracked open but no root has took hold. I did get these seeds online, it was from a website called ‘The Single Seed Centre’ and was a little impulsive on my end, starting to think that might/hopefully is the problem with getting my first (with unit) plant going.


Quick update for those following this thread; I did take a look at the seed. It looked as if the root tip had died as it looked brown in color. Looked at it closer, realized it was just residue from the coco pod, gave it that growers “pinch” on either side, opposite of where split happened, and out busted a white, healthy looking tap root. So needless to say, we’ll give her a few more days probably max and see if we get a sprout. Maybe it just couldn’t quite get out of its shell if you know what I mean :+1: @Stephen @SilverGrobo @bjorn @JonnyBlaze


A couple more days won’t hurt, but my money is on a restart. Seems like a slow, lacklustre seed ya got there.


If its past day 7 and still not popped the whole plant will likely grow slower. Would get a new verified female seed and restart. Ducks big time but you’ll know what you’ll get




Starting over. One last try then will wait for my TrueNorth seeds and heed advice from ya’ll. Like I’ve stated, despite its long journey to me, I haven’t had any issues as far as my unit goes or how it is suppose to behave by design. I (like a lot of you I’m sure) have my own Ph, EC meters to double check and everything like @Stephen has said looks good. It’s got to be the seeds! Just a drag that is has been a month of fails! I want that first grow so I can trust my unit as you all can imagine.


Oh and the seed is the last GSC seed I have. :crossed_fingers:


For the seeds…



Redemption. Seed pop day 4 gsc first grow :+1:


Hehe best advice I got now is don’t fuss over it to much, just let her grow. :herb::herb::herb:


Other than a haircut here or there, will do lol, looks to be a healthy seed for sure-





One more to show that green- going into day 5 image|375x500


That last pic almost looks like it’s yellowing but it was so new, that was still some white from that leafs side hitting the pod on the way up! She’s looking much better couple days later-