Plants up to 40 days and germination


@JonnyBlaze I haven’t used the camera but I would just buy some magnets or sticky tape and prop it up in the grobo somehow… honestly it’s something you could do without but just nice to have … our eyes can’t catch the plant growing so it’s just kind of a thing where it’s just a luxury


Interesting if u ever get that set up I definitely want to see…I may have to copy cat :wink:

But earlier you said I were having trouble with humidity and your solution was a wet sponge …that’s pretty awesome that worked lol I’ll probably end having to buy a humidifier


I wasn’t ever out of range but my leaves were dry and I wanted them to absorb moisture through the air to help let the roots focus on repair and new growth… I was sitting around 43 percent for a while … I wanted to be around 55 percent…


That’s cool so what are your thoughts on the sensor push ? How long have u been using it?


It’s not bad at all there’s usually a degree or two difference between the the meter I have in the grobo and the sensorpush …i think it would be nice for you since your between home and your girls … the closet might add to humidity and temps since it’s a tight space


Adding humidity will be a good thing in my case so will see how that works out…and I agree it would be beneficial but I just don’t want to buy one and then they roll out the update…if I knew that we weren’t gunna get the update for a few months then I wud totally buy now but I feel like they may be rolling out with the new update any day now…so Iam kinda torn on buying it yet…but one thing for sure I need to find a AC unit that I can control to keep the temp low in my room…iam pretty sure my room stays somewhere in the mid to high 80’s it’s always pretty hot at my pad :confused:


@JonnyBlaze trust me I get it my first grow I had to kill cuz the temps and humidity destroyed her… yea just keep googling and amazoning I’m sure you will find one … try some of these apps like let it go and offer up might find a good used one


Nice I’ll try looking into that and see what I find.

Look what I found tho just browsing: Blink XT Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, Wall Mount, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included - 1 Camera Kit

I think I may have to make a purchase for this one if I can’t find a better one


Wow the smart plug works with google ass… good to know​:joy::scream:


@johnnyblaze. I live near Albuquerque New Mexico and it gets really hot here too. My Grobo got up to 86 degrees with the house air conditioner set at 78. It averaged about 83 degrees. Mine is in the corner of a room. My hybrid plant is doing well at Day 42 and just started the flower stage three days ago. It is about 8 cm from the top of the unit so I should have been more aggressive topping. But Im doing stretch technique which simply moves the buds away from the light. I use magnets and elastic string. Flowering prefers cooler temps than 83 degrees so I am glad Fall temps are here and the unit is nowimage1 about 80 degrees on an 80 degree day. I think I will not grow during July-August since the temps are too high. But I might try a different strain to see how it does in that type of heat. Love my GROBO


@BoldSolar Try Afghan kush if you can find seeds it grows basically in the desert so that might work


Your plant is super happy. You can always tell when they are praying to the light like that. :+1::v:


100% grobo gold right there. I want 1% :rofl:


Skywalker OG day 32 before trim.
That’s the top fan btw :man_farmer:t2:


Brother you got that and more. Keep on keeping on my man and don’t stop till you’re smiling in your grave. Doesn’t get much better than that. :+1::v:️:beers:


Damn matty shes fine :star_struck::heart_eyes:


Day 29 after water change. Been super hot last two days, so I added hydrogaurd for my roots, extra precaution against root rot.


What a stunning plant. Nicely done @Ctaylor684 !!! :groboone::seedling:


Thank you @bjorn I really appreciate that. I gotta say I am very impressed with this piece of technology you and the team have created. Thank you for all the hard work that you and your team have put in.


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