Plants up to 40 days and germination


Then you can at least try to fix it before the plant is damaged.


I am sure the future will be fruitful with grobo and its updates… will just have to wait :wink:


Because things didn’t always work as they were meant to. That’s why it’s important to always be able to monitor your system independent of internal readings which you don’t get anyway. How else would you know if a meter is off?


Seeing and identifying a plant in distress comes with experience, the more you interact with her the more you’ll be in tune with her. Then you’ll notice everything. If you have a pet you already understand.


Ok a lot of the instances where i see people asking questions about stressed plants and it comes back telling them there are ph issues or temp or water problems etc. So obviously it is being collected at some level. At the very point it starts to go south according to the existing sensors i just think it would be nice to be made aware thats all. Then i can start double checking with my own secondary set of tools.


Sorry to be talking so much today. First full day of fall nice weather. Been smoking drinking and grilling and chilling. To much time to think about it. Happy Fall everyone!!!


Mate that is an amazingly great request. Very reasonable and useful. @Stephen, how bout it?


Im not even talking live monitoring it just seems at the very least it checks in with the mother ship in canada or, stores it internally at some set points. Even if it’s just once a day as soon as it starts skewing you are aware then. I got it just so I don’t have to mess with it much. But if I got a notice saying i really need to adress some thing soon that would let me know I need to make time to deal with it. Instead of coming home to change water after a few days and finding a sad crumpled up mess.


Then sending in a ticket just to find the ph or temp or nutes or whatever is being monitored has been off for 3 days. Thats all


On another note though. Great fall day anyone with outside plants shoul have some happy looking plants today. Naturally occurring i think today we went to a 12 / 12 light schedule. In the final stretch for most outside grows.


@Wolf @JonnyBlaze I have some items that allow you to control humidity/temp and monitor … setup costs about 200 … but comes with smart plugs that you can turn on remotely anywhere … so plug ac ad/or humidifier to the plugs when the monitors goes off on your phone you hit the plugs and boom … I’m driving now will post when I get home


Omg that’s exactly what iam looking for…I’ll be looking forward to your post


It also comes with automatic feeding but we don’t need that small and cheap … but honestly bro I would invest in the ac and/or dehumidifier/humidifier where you can set temps up automatically … spending money to Monitor is cool but what happens when @bruno pushes the update to show us our data then it’s like all that money for nothing … but I’ll post it when I get home if not early morning …


Iam still looking for a AC unit that is going to work for me…I don’t want one that hast to vent so that leave me with an air evaporated unit but the thing with that is iam in between my house and the Bae’s and I believe the air evaporated needs constant water supply :frowning: so I just don’t know what iam gunna do yet but I have to figure something out …it stays pretty hot at my house:/


Hmm well with my when I run my ac it drops the humidity down but I just put an unused sponge in my grobo wet and it brings up back up inside … I’ve noticed my grobo is about 3-4 degrees hotter than what my room temp is … if you a cheap temp/Rh meter it will tell you your highs and lows throughout the day so atleast you can maybe make your own schedule in the meantime…

I just transplanted a trapstar from soil to the grobo and needed to keep my humidity up so my leaves can come back to life so I know what you mean … thank god the sponge idea worked as a week she is out of shock growth has been out of control … But it seems you might benefit from the setup I’ve found on amazon relatively cheap as well…


Perfect I’ve been looking at a few things…but so far the only thing that I found that seems to best fit my needs for my walk in closet is the
Only thing is the price and iam not sure if it will be good for long term every day use


Ohh I live in Vegas so there isn’t really any humidity in the air which is something else I’ll have to figure out lmao :rofl:


Alright here’s a quick glimpse of what I’m talking about … so you see the smart plugs and then they monitor and the WiFi router for you to be able to access rom anywhere… if you don’t buy the WiFi router thing you would only be able to
Monitor from blue tooth but have to be in the area

The camera is a cool option to Incase your wanna watch your plant lol… but through my research this what was the cheapest setup I could find for exaclty what we are talking about … @Stephen might know a little more or maybe a cheaper/better setup?


I was totally looking into the Sensor push but what I found is that the temp stick is a bit cheaper and doesn’t need a secondary unit for the WiFi


Tell me about the camera tho how do u utilize that? U have it inside the grobo?