Plants up to 40 days and germination


Daniel how long have you been using grobo?


@BoldSolar This is my plant today on Day 33. I have trimmed leaves 3 times since you replied to me. My roots are very tangled today that I can only lift the front of my lid about an inch. Will leave that way at least to next Drain & Fill.


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This is what I am thinking of buying so I can monitor my Temp from where ever I am at…but I am undecided because @Stephen may becoming out with a new feature for the grobo where we will be able to see these settings…so I don’t want to spend 150 if we are going to have these settings soon.


I know obviously it sends, and documents this info. Cant imagine why its not visible to the end user at all times. The way its being parceled out only when your plant is dying, and you have it happen early enough in week . You may get an answer in time. If you notice and can get an answer that is.


Exactly, I want to minimize any issues dealing with temp and humidity due to the fact when I’ve tried growing in the past indoors I always struggle with temp because I’ve always lived in really hot climates…this is the reason for me wanting to buy this Tem stick…but again I don’t want to waste my money if this feature is going to be given to us soon


If nothing else it would be nice to have it so when it starts sending in parameters that are out of whack it automatically flags the grobo that sent it in. And automatically starts the ticket and sends a notice to the registered unit that sent it.


Not a big programmer myself ,but that does not seem to far reaching. I mean if they want to control all aspects it would be nice to know there is a problem before the plant starts dying and it’s noticed visually by the user


Wow, what a great idea. That would be such a great implementation but sounds unlikely


Hey Jonny, getting/paying for something that will monitor remotely is great and all but quite useless if you can’t then control remotely. Great idea but case and point: you are at work and your remotely available data says hey your shit is too high…you going to leave work and fix it? Not really a solution. Just get a hygrometer with temp display and attach it to the inside. Best you can do unless you have an aircon or dehumidifier which you can also control remotely, not to mention temp. It is possible, but very costly.


In the case I’m talking about i would not leave work to deal with it but it would be nice to to know before it’s actually showing signs of distress. I could then at least deal with it on my way home. As at times i may not get a chance to see it for 3 days due to overtime and extended hrs.


Although if I got a reading above 300 I would probably go home as I would have to assume my house was on fire. Lol:joy:


Currently I am doing research to find something such as an AC or air evaporator that that I can use remotely


Look, wolf all that is absolutely doable, I’m just trying to explain how costly it would be. If you have the money then yes you can buy and set up remote viewing and control absolutely. It be a couple two three thousand dollars though, but yes possible.


I’ve only found a dehumidifier that I can program, but that works for me even here in a place that’s pretty much 100% humidity due to rain. Humidity can be a constant battle depending on where you live.


I am going to buy this to help with smell and odor but iam still looking for something reasonable for cooling my room when I am not home…I was thinking of finding an ac unit and hook it up to a smart plug that way I can turn it off and on remotely

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I’m not talking about remote controlling anything. Remote notification with the existing hardware is what I am talking would be nice as soon a it started to show abnormal readings if it would let met know right away instead of waiting till the plant is dying and then telling me to send in a ticket. Just seems you might be able to head a lot of plant stress off in advance if you are aware there is a problem. You can nip it in the bud so to say


At least have a better chance to save the grow. The good seeds dont grow on trees you know. They grow on great BIG HONKING BUSHES:rofl:


Here is where the hygrometer with temp readings come into play. I’m sure there is one out there where you can connect to it remotely, but better yet get a ph and ec meter and then you don’t need remote anything. Take readings if/when plant Looks off and then adjust accordingly. Knowing the min/max temp and humidity values allow you to set things up to keep yourself in the middle of the range on both, so there is room for error.


I just bought a ph pen :)!! Should be here soon :slight_smile: I’ll be in between my house and the bae’s house that’s why I want to be able to see my readings for the temp so if I need to come home or turn on my AC remotely I’ll have that option :slight_smile:


Thats what im talking about. It seems the tools and tecnology are already in the unit. Why do we have to waint to visually see a dying plant then have to call just to have it checked again. It seems it could be in the program to let you know any parameters that are not matching the recipe.