Plants up to 40 days and germination


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Just chiming in on this matter, as @Bongsmoker89 stated in his post the best course of action is to not move your roots around if you don’t need to. The roots do not affect sensor readings or the dosing portions of the Grobo One.

If you absolutely have to look at your roots please use the utmost amount of caution when moving your lid. I would recommend lifting it straight up very slowly and, if you notice any resistance, stop and try to dislodge the roots from what they’re stuck on. When the plants get that big it’s equivalently not good for the top portion of the plant as you’d be knocking it around the inside of the Grobo One




So safe to say there are no plans of root shield @Chris at this time?


I would like to chime in here. When @Stephen and I did my remote calibration, there was indeed slime/gel substance in between the four prongs surrounding the glass sensor of the probe. I believe this to be matter from the roots, as there were no other issues, other than high ph which I manually adjusted until we recalibrated. So it is in my humble opinion, we should really have a shield in place just in case. Like I always say, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Just my two cents and I’m sticking to it. :scream::joy::beer::beers::cocktail::clinking_glasses::tropical_drink::tumbler_glass::wine_glass::champagne:


@Azuri as of now no - we’ve done enough testing to ensure that in standard practice the current solution is not impacted by the use case stated. However, I’m not striking this from the record as a potential root cause (no pun intended) for developments we may see in the future




Hi @rouleauj,

I remember that early morning call! I’ve seen this a couple times on the tips of the pH probe now. It isn’t roots, it’s a form of bacteria that forms and needs to be cleaned with a toothbrush and pH probe cleaning solution. We are bringing these items into our store in the coming months, but they are available online.



@Stephen would the same solution clean the other probe ? Or how would we clean the other probe ?


EC meters use a different cleaning solution and brush than the tooth brush. Both available in the kit we are bringing online soon. EC meters are not as ‘sensitive’ as your pH meter and traditionally need less cleaning and less calibration.



she has had quite a growth spurt in the past five days. I feel like a kid waiting on summer vacation! very excited and grateful about this wonderful piece of technology


Holly Molly she is a beauty :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Omg I hope mine grows like that🙌🏾 I should have my grobo in a week or so😁


@Daniel_Aaron what day are you on?


day 35 northern lights auto


Nice I’ll be growing either a gorilla glue auto from fast buds or a blueberry auto by Gyo Seed Bank…iam not sure which one to grow first :frowning:️ Iam also somewhat a newbie at this so that’s also going to factor on which one I decided on.


Have you done any trimming to your plant?..this is one thing iam kinda nervous and worried about


id go gorilla glue, I love that strain. and this was my first grow too but it seems like if the grobo works right theres very little room for error.


yea I did a good amount of trimming and removing larger fan leaves and anything that started to show signs of discoloration. take off any leaves that look like they might start to be dying and make sure the light can get everywhere it needs to. I topped at about day 20 and that seemed to work pretty well. its really been pretty care free though. low maintenance and pretty much fool proof. ill be lookin forward to seein what u come up with in a couple months. this whole thing is cool as hell


Awesome good notes :memo: I’ll be topping the plant somewhere around day 20 as well then we’ll see how the gorilla glue goes i will plant that one first…where do u have your grobo unfortunately iam going to have to have it in my room but I’ll put it in my walk in closet …hopefully I won’t have trouble with noise and what not :frowning:


ive got mine in my walk in closet in my bedroom. its pretty bright so I threw a blanket over it to block the light. not much you can do about the noise but its no worse than having a fan on. doesn’t bother me one bit. you can smell it tho but my room always smelled like weed anyway so that don’t bother me either but it might for some people. might be tricky in an apartment if your state hasn’t legalized yet.


Well that’s good to hear that someone else is also growing in there closet…it seems as if everyone is lucky enough to have one in their spare room…so how are you doing on temperature control…Something that is also very concerning I live in Vegas and is hot all the time mostly…and unfortunately I don’t have control of the AC :frowning: smell is also gunna be a little worry some but I figured I have a bunch of una gel bottles all over my room hopefully that will work


Oh and we are recreational here in Vegas but I will still be obtaining my MJ license very soon :slight_smile:


I honestly haven’t been monitoring my temp or humidity at all. I really just wanted to see if I could set it and forget it and so far so good. it gets humid here in Tennessee but my place stays in the low 70s so I haven’t had a problem. But if youre in hotter climate and have a blanket over it, I think it probably could get too hot. something to keep an eye on, you can stick a magnetic thermometer on the inside of the grobo. and as for the smell, just be aware how much you open the thing and keep some incense or air freshener or anything handy. I was a little nervous about all this stuff too but ive had zero problems so far, its been pretty sweet haha