Plants up to 40 days and germination


Day 33 and had to give her another haircut last night. She is growing like crazy.

Train Wreck [RESOLVED]

Hi @chris_barfield,

Looks like you might have a whorled phyllotaxy. You can read more about it here. Give it another week and we will be able to see more clearly if it is actually mutating or not.



Nice catch thought you got that from a Dr Seus book or something. :joy:

I never dreamt of looking that up but great goto site for info. :+1:


Day 23


Day 18 still looking good although had two leaves that developed brown spotting overnight hoping it’s not a big issue. Tell me what you think.


Hey ctaylor, second pic up from bottom, the fan leaf on the right looks like something other than brown spots. Did you take a closer look of that spot? Looks like a dozen or so white spots, could you take a closer shot of that one?


Yes I did @rouleauj they are indeed brown spots I took a couple more to show. It seems like only the fan leaves are getting them.IMG_20180916_154408889_HDR|375x500


Ok brother, I’d cut it off


Thanks for the input I appreciate it, time for a hair cut!!


Before a haircut

After a haircut.
It’s my first grow and I hope I’m not taking too much off. Shes seems healthy for day 30 though


For sure!!!


Looks good Daniel!


Day 28. My girl drank heavily these last 7 days between Drain & Fills. I was afraid I might have to add water but persevered. The roots did better job of tangling the aerator and ph probe, etc. this time. I was hoping to have the guard Robyn was sending to try. This time unfortunately I had to break a few as I could not untie them all. I trimmed some bottom leaves off.

Day 28

Thought the lights gave these photos good colours.

Now here is what I used my magnets for while draining, filling, untangling roots. I used them to hold the pod tray up. The roots were very tangled so it allowed me to work with two hands to untangle.


Smart man and your plant is looking like a monster


Great post @greenman

When I lollipoped my plant a month ago my plant and coco pod both dropped into the resevouir one inch or the height of node. It explained why my plant wasn’t getting growing vertically at the time.

This has put me in a situation where I haven’t gone in my resevouir lid for a month since nothing serious has happened but I can’t be tugging on things.

@Stephen or @Robyn are there plans for a root shield for the pH and EC sensors and if so timing on that?


I untangled my roots a week before. I was able to gently (~) massage them off mainly the aerator at that time. This time, one week later, they were around everything. But then again, as they were really sucking it up, they had to go looking. The reservoir drops a long way. Not complaining at all. If they have the initiative to look for what they need to grow a good plant, I’m all in.


Could we leave them tangled? I’m just letting them grow myself not tugging on them


I’ve never untangled hydro roots ever. I would only do it if it interfered with moving parts like the water sensors in a Grobo but the water sensor shield fixes that. It would be good to have a root shield around the pH & EC sensors as the roots could skew sensor readings imo.


Thanks for letting me know. Will let them be.


@greenman my plant and yours are about the same age and mine drank all the water except a half gallon. She was stressed as my grow is in the middle of the desert with outside temps at 90 + degrees. But in 24 hours after the refill she rebounded 100%. Grobo Support confirmed there is no notification for this since no action is required. I’m guessing you’re having massive growth like my grow.