Plants up to 40 days and germination


Day 24 with northern lights



After having placed the magnetic strips over the offending areas, the smell has subsided quite a bit, so yeah definitely due to damage in shipping and gaps around the top. When I put my nose to the cracks around the top I can smell her, so there’s still that. Couldn’t get the strips to stay around the top too well.


Day 21. Just doing what Grobo says.


Beautiful, she’s a chubby little lady. An indica dominant strain, what is she? Sorry if you already said before.


Well Jerry, there’s a story here. I thought it was an Auto Amnesia seed. I have Stephen growing it as a Strawberry Amnesia. But that should be Sativa dominate, but this is definitely Indica. But I had trouble starting my first grow and ended up putting my seed into soil (see photo)

and probably planted another type of seed. It sure looks like it is doing well with these nutrients so I guess I’ll ask Stephen to see what he recommends from here.


Yeah the one in soil is sativa dominant, and the grobo plant is a nice looking indica. I have always loved that velvet look in the center most of the plant. I’ll bet Stephen suggests a hybrid indica recipe. I haven’t looked at the recipes lately, but scroll through them and take a guess as to what he’ll recommend


Ok day 32 and she’s gonna need another haircut soon. Probably gonna rig up my sgrog this weekend.


Looking great @rouleauj!


Thanks Stephen, never grown in this small a space before. Judging timing on training and haircuts is getting more and more interesting. :joy::beer::beer::beer:


It’s a unique growing scenero for sure. I’m trying to find the happy place for light trimming and get the best light penetration for the plant.


I feel like they could have made the light much bigger should take up the whole top along side the filter


@Bongsmoker89 bigger isn’t always better :wink:

Trust me when I say that your plant is getting more than enough light from that distance at that size. Yours truly made sure of that when designing the Grow Light PCB

We use high efficiency and high output horticulture LEDs that span 8 different colour spectrums in case you were wondering




Looks great Jerry. I’m 11 days behind you. Can hope it is as good as yours.


I’ve only seen it blue and purple thus far


I’m gonna agree with Chris here bong. I’ve been growing with leds for several years and am very familiar with how the grow and what to look for. These are high quality leds. Any bigger and the poor girl would feel like us if we look directly at the leds (which you should never do, can seriously damage your eyes.!i use led “sunglasses” for just that reason.


@Bongsmoker89 All part of the schedule - You’ll see it through different LED colours as it goes through the different stages in the schedule.

Note that plants ‘see’ a different spectrum than us humans as well (e.g. they respond much less to green than they do red and blue while humans see green very well). I did write an article on the effects of different light spectrum on plants, though I’m not able to find it right now (asking our marketing team about where it went). I’ll share it if I can find it!

EDIT: Found the link -->




Anyone else know why humans can see more shades of green then any other colour?


hey todd, kind of a long explanation, but heres a link:


Can anybody tell me what my little plant is doing? Lmao first off the leaves are mutated and then they grew out flat like normal but then today they are growing upwards like vertical ??? @Stephen please chime and with your knowledge … aside from the she is also growing slow I peeked into the root system for the first time today and the roots are growing but everything uptop is weird lmao


Hardcore Jerry

It is green. Due to how many predators live in,around foliage etc. It was a defensive human trait.