Plants up to 40 days and germination


Thanks for understanding @rouleauj - we’re all just normal people with normal lives at the end of the day too :slight_smile:




Absolutely!! We are on the same page. So here is the temporary fix. Bought some magnetic strip rolled up. Cut it and put it around offending areas, well mostly. Can’t get one where the door meets top of unit due to the handle. Also dehumidifier is here and working wonders. So tell me what you think…


Just be careful not to cover the back vents - the top one especially because it’s heat exhaust for the LED board




Yep, wouldn’t do that


I’d move it away from the wall a little bit. I think it’s to close would cause it to run hotter not being able to vent properly


Day 30 and she’s bouncing back.


@rouleauj nice I’m on day 12 I believe but not gunna lie compared to my other grows this wedding cake is growing slowly


Jerry I love how you have yours setup. Similar to mine. Rug on the front and water on top lol. That made me smile. My doors are doing the same as yours.


Yeah, I figured I could reduce some light/air leak. I’m gonna have to move it though. When I woke up this morning, and came out to the living room, I could smell her. Kinda crazy as she’s only in day 30. I also have three ona’s in my house and it still smells lol. Personally I love the smell, unfortunately, I live in a kind of duplex complex. I just prefer to be as stealth as possible.


Well this is a bit concerning with the smell :pensive:
I wonder if it’s because of the leaks you have with your system?


Mine is just entering flowering and I can definitely smell it when I walk in the room. There has been a light scent for about 2 weeks, but the last two days it’s definitely stronger. My humidity has been in the 60s the last few days due to rain and I think that is amplifying the smell factor for sure.


Yeah, had to drop the hammer and spent $300 on a dehumidifier, but it stays exactly where I want it right in the 50% range and between 80-82 degrees.


My plant doesn’t seem to be suffering, so for now I’m going to leave it. We shall see what happens! This first grow is all about seeing what happens, to learn from it, then I will adjust next grow to make things better :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


Keep a good eye on her though. When humidity get below or above certain ranges your plant has a greater chance of nute lockout.


What are the ranges ?


Take a look at the “1st grow” thread but I believe it’s 40% on the low end and 60% in the high end for veg. Flowering is a bit different.


Has anyone seen this before ? Seems like my second set of leaves is coming in super slow and deformed ? Root system is growing … but I don’t know I’m on day 13 I think and compared to my other plant it already had its second sets of leaves and attempting to grow more …

Any thoughts ? Is it worth keeping ? Could it be ph issues or anything like that ? @Stephen any thoughts ?


I think you’re fine there. She looks healthy. Sometimes they start off weird. Give her a few more days.


Day 31 and she’s starting to get taller. :seedling:


So jealous :pray:t2::pray:t2: Lol looking nice dude