Plants up to 40 days and germination

Looking great!

Here’s new pics took a minute ago. Notice no more curling gown on tips of leaves.


And today after drain and fill number 3. Basically 24 hours later than the pics above.


@Azuri that’s the green I’m used to, not that lime green shitty color. Also no more spots. Lookin good. One funny thing, I had to unplug my unit today, because my heating went out and a repair person came over for about 30 mins. Was a bit worried but no harm no foul.


And again this morning. We are on day 22. I’m going to top her soon.


Topped her yesterday. Here she is this morning.


And just now:


Man my girl had some real growth over night. @Azuri, check out the difference between yesterday and today.


Looking good! Refresh my memory on strain and the day you’re on?

She is a white widow X big bud on day 25. Already slightly stinky. I’m going to insert filter today. :moneybag:

Not gonna lie I had to google search your strain never tried it. Going forward I will be watching many strains here on the Grobo. See which ones deliver the best results.

Growing in the Grobo will be kind of how I like to travel. Never go to the same resort twice since there is so many places to go to. :wink:


I chose this strain because it’s a great smoke, and the yield is typically really good. Hoping to get a really nice yield, then I’m gonna give Dr. grinspoons heirloom sativa 5. Now that is one amazing plant. Prob best sativa you will ever smoke, and the plant is just super unique and beautiful. Check it out

Looks like good smoke but I’d be concerned that it would outgrow the Grobo’s height. I know you can supercrop but the genetics say tall and thin, thoughts?

yeah, ive grown her before. I will be vigilant on topping then lst and then super cropping. The way she’s been growing lately, I think she is going to take off and it will be a daily chore to keep her where I want her. Gonna focus on as many colas as I can get out of her using Scrog.

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Some big growth in her over the last few days wow

Have you tried going into the Grobo when the lights are off. I find I can take better photos with the flash from my camera.

I’m overly parnoid of light in my grow space when plants are supposed to be sleeping or lights off. It could be unwarranted but yeah I kind of live by that rule. :+1:


I only spend about 5 minutes inside and try to enter just after the turn off. No stress, I wouldn’t think.


@Azuri check her out now. There are multiple sites I will be topping. She is going to be a beast…

Nodes are super tight too :tada::confetti_ball::beer:


@Osage Looks great as usual! I pulled the trigger and my pH pen it’s on its way. :wink:

I’ll post an update on my plant in the other thread shortly. :herb: