Plants up to 40 days and germination

I saw that @chris_barfield hopefully your next try goes a bit better!

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Another daily update…

Anyone know what’s going on?
@Stephen is this the “hard hat” that you mention in the notification for week 2?


@Gatorsfn28 looks to me as if that’s part of the seed cap still hanging on. Just leave it there for now and it should furl off on its own! How long has your seed been poking out?


Just give a tad bit more time it will fall off

@rainstorm3 yesterday was the first day breaking through to the surface


@Gatorsfn28 should be good, those are the first two roundish leaves forget the name of them, expect them to open soon as pictured below.


Update. Today is day 13.



Here is an updated picture from today. Still seems to have a little casing on it.


It is a bit concerning that it hasn’t dropped off yet but not unusual. Very difficult to see what happening in the picture. Can you gently remove the casing with tweezers? The two round leaves need to open to continue the seedling growth.


Hi @Gatorsfn28,

If the seedling has been up for a couple days, I agree with @Azuri, it’s time for an assist. Tweezers between the leaves to separate them is the key. Once open they will pop down and you will have a nice ‘T’ shape. Don’t worry about removing the ‘skin’, it won’t be a factor once the leaves pop open. Be gentle and you will be fine. I recommend playing ‘Three Little Birds’ by Marley in the background softly too. :wink:



@Stephen. It is off!!


Perfect! Your girl will now grow up thanks to your minor surgery. :confetti_ball::tada::balloon::clinking_glasses::beer::champagne:


Well, performed my second drain and fill a minute ago. For some reason both times I’ve had to reconnect to my WiFi in order for my unit to function properly. Both times the “app” indicates nothing happening. No green light or white light. Weird but at least it worked. Another interesting thing, both my ph bottles are way lower than the rest and I’m using ro water. Plant is a light green too, not dark and luscious like my other plants. She is strong and sturdy though. Anyway here she is at two weeks.


Hmm, here’s my bottles after 7 fill and drains. No way to know if our PH sensors are in calibration or not beyond buying an external PH pen or something of the sort. :slightly_frowning_face: I’m using distilled water from day 1.

@ToddYYC included you in my bottle levels as we spoke about it in the other thread.

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Yeah that seems a little fked up. I’m now starting to think there was more damage in shipping beyond the obvious door bow, loose front glass, and light coming out of literally every seam. Corners not meeting with top of unit etc. not to mention the fact if/when I move the thing will just fall apart. @Stephen, can you take a look at my data and see why my unit is using so much ph? I’m using ro water. I could easily ph the water prior to filling the unit. @Robyn maybe using bubble wrap and a bigger shipping box, as well as some braces inside the unit, would mitigate units being damaged by fedex. Alternatively, using a better shipping company would also help. @Stephen help please

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I have two extre ph sensors I use for my other plants. My concern with that is opening and closing the reservoir too much. I think ph’ing prior to adding the water might be the fix I need. Just need to know what, @Stephen has programmed the units prime ph. I know soil well, hydro not so much, but if memory serves correctly, It should be between 5.5-5.8.


I grew in soil in my younger days never seriously most of the time my plants got stolen, lol. I’ve done various hydro so what I can tell you from my experience that hydro grows typically have light green new growth and eventually transition into the deep lush green you recognize. We obviously can’t compare PH ranges but it’s concerning in the differences.

As far as PH goes this is straight from Stephen but doesn’t lock in the exact number you should be at currently.


Here are my bottles after about 1-2 hours after water change. Let’s see if there is a difference.

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Day 20


A little stunted hit otherwise good looking.