Plants over 70 days


@azuri or @greenman
The yellowing of the leaves is chemical related yes? Looks like we might need some more fine tuning from @Stephen for this strain


Hey @ToddYYC

Are you in the flush stage now? If so then the yellowing leaves is not unusual as the nutrients are being depleted from the leaves during flush.


@Azuri Day 30/39 flower overall day 82.


Hmm, yeah you’re not in flush stage which I thought might have been a possible cause, they’ll have to check your settings which I’m not sure they can do before Monday.


I’ll just top her up every day over the weekend.


I still feel like that’s probably normal colouration, all the energy is pumping into the buds at this point I doubt it’s something to worry about, obviously get it checked but I wouldn’t worry I don’t think


@ToddYYC, I wouldn’t worry at your stage. Mine was worse, but I would attribute mine mainly to my air pump stopping and me for not picking up on that fact for a few days. In the back of my mind, there seemed to be something different, but it took a while for the old lightbulb above my head to light up. Mine is now in flush.


K good to know. I been clipping em. I can hear the pumps going no issues. Jiggled the hoses to make sure no bubbles or what not. But they keep dropping. Shes almost done it’s all good


Looks like there is a deficiency has @stephen chimed in yet?


Nah on Monday I’m sure. I’m just topping it up more yo keep nutes coming


Hey @ToddYYC,

I’m with @Russel_Richardson on this one. As you get closer to the end of the plants life, the leaves often fade out or change to purple. All looks good on the data side, nothing out of the ordinary. You should be fine, buds look good and you are close to the end.



Sweet. Good to know. Its beginning to look a lot like a green Christmas lol


Almost ready


Hey @ToddYYC there is no harm now trimming yellow leaves all the energy has been pulled from them now, open up some pure light to the lower buds for the last few days. :+1:


Photos are always done pre trimming. I think I cut off about 10 last night :grinning:


She’s (buds) looking mighty fine @ToddYYC :call_me_hand:


Thanks @Dew its sorta my 2nd grow so happy I’ll finally get a harvest


I’m excited for you @ToddYYC, after so many males, it’s nice to see you budding out! Next round we can dial in the height a bit to ensure you max your units potential. Let us know how she smokes. :wink:



Me too. Definitely got the first grow questions out of the way and will be comfortable doing more on my next grow. Overall still happy with this grow.
It’s just a time process


Also I really enjoyed looking at my buds through my 60 to 120 loupe. The little mushroom tops are super cool. Can’t wait to see the amber