Plants over 60 days


((#ITruelyGetIt))… I was saying the same thing when I was trying to get the shots, but so glad I did it… Mine came out a tad blurry but doable… :laughing::wink::camera::camera_flash::herb::eye::face_with_monocle::green_thumb:


getting close to harvest. day 78 with northern lights. has anyone heard of splitting the stock a few days before harvest to increase the potency? or is that bogus? I hear the plant will produce more tricomes since it thinks its in distress but I don’t want to kill my plant right before its about ready. that would be a bummer.


Well if your
Harvesting ina few days it wouldn’t do anything … but personally haven’t heard of that but it hey it might work !! But boyyyyyy that northern lights stacked hard I’m going to guess you made it close to three zips


The red fan leave stems are my fav. She’s using all her space, pushed the coco pod down an inch or so-


Real beauty … I got a few more days before I can take her out the dark and she what she weighs


Starting to get faint smells of cookies…




Lol… :fire::fire::fire:


Up to day 67- she’s starting to stack!


Might be time for some super-cropping @Dew


Hey @Jamminbear this is true. It’s probably hard to see but my racks are holding her down. The big stems in back I have been slowly bending/twisting as well. Luckily I got um away from the light- just have to keep an eye out.


Yeah i had the same issues…Had to super crop like 4 weeks into flowering… But she looks healthy man… good luck


If i remember correctly, lol, yours was more of a beast than mine. Thanks though :+1:


Don’t want to burn those precious tops!. Hopefully she stops growing taller, damn she’s nice though! It’s picture day for me too when the lights come on :grin:


I moved the CW over here because we are over 60 days now. Exactly 1/3 into the flowering stage. Feed and have her a small trim. Let there be light all over those beautiful budlings!


CW day 72 (19 days before flush)


Looking good


We have begun to flush!! CW day 92 (1 day of flush)


Pictures aren’t working


@chris_barfield yeah the site logged me out mid upload. It’s been logging me out lately for some reason.