Plants over 60 days


Starting the climb this morning woot woot.


I love the ‘praying’ leaves in the 1st picture. Great sign of a super happy plant. Top leaves are angled upward at 45 degree angle, ready for the buds to start exploding from all the nodes!


I have buds. Lots and lots popping up. Woot woot. bragging notification is off by about 9 days lol :slight_smile:


day 80


Wow looks awesome. Can’t wait to catch up



Hey ToddYYC,

I hate to be the bearer of this news, but you have a male on your hands there. You can continue to grow him out and collect the pollen for future seed breeding or pull him down now and start again.



Oh no. It’s to tell from these pics but I’m guessing it’s because there is a severe lack of little white hairs everywhere?


@ToddYYC here’s the start of my little white hairs. These are at most all of the crooks of branch off-shoots. I’m on day 46 and these appeared about 4 days ago.


Hey @rainstorm3

You’ve started the 12/12 cycle now?


Boo. I thought so too. Argh


Often your plant will tell you if it’s a male or female even before the photo period switch. Good hunting for those hairs @rainstorm3!!


Sorry mate, we all feel the pain.


I am due to start the 12/12 in 7 days I think? @Stephen can confirm, but there were 6 days of extra padding out into the veg stage.


@ToddYYC ughhhhhh. Sorry to hear. But! Think of all you’ve learned and how easy the next grow will be!


Just took a peek and you are correct @rainstorm3, day 13 of 20 in stage 3, you flip in stage 4. Gonna give @Azuri a run for his money, eh?


Healthy competition is good! :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal:

(Disclaimer, if my yield sucks I will blame the strain) :joy:


Thanks @Stephen thought so.

Ha! @Azuri Healthy competition is indeed good. I can’t wait to see how our plants turn out, given they’ve had drastically different up-bringings. #nurturevsnature


Picture time!

Here’s 10 days into the flowering cycle. I’ve seen a decent growth spurt I’m sure there’s more to come. I’ve given her another pre-budding hair cut and you can see the before and after pictures below.

You’ll also noticed that I’ve repurposed the drying rack hangers. I will be drying my harvest outside my Grobo so I can start my next grow right away. It will add an extra 4 days to drying / curing but I’m ok with that. The original magnets I bought were not robust enough.

Top View - Before haircut

Top View - After haircut

Side View - Before haircut

Side View - After haircut

And lastly those of you who are interested in what happens under the hood I did a reading of the pH level and I’m happy to see it’s in the optimum growing range, working as intended. :+1:


Sweet!!! Can’t wait for those beautiful buds to come in. Lookin good, and I must add, you sure as shit didn’t skimp when you bought that ph pen, just under $100 us and lots of accessories. Great buy from my research yesterday. Had never heard of the brand till you showed me, but yep…professional it is!! :+1::beers: