Plants over 40 days but under 60


44 days!


Almost day 43 :grimacing:


Day: 66; (14/39)


Day 51- As everyone says, the stretch is real. She’s perfect!


What the??? Holyyyyy. No kidding. Man. Lol. Our plants were almost the same a couple weeks ago, I extend the veg 2 weeks. Yours has exploded!


She’s a true hybrid! And this is true @Russel_Richardson, we were. If I remember you just got into transition ya? Although she’s an indica, you still outta have height coming now too, I’m betting she’ll be extra bushy with the extended veg time-


Yeah day 5 will begin later this evening of transition, and yeah the height growth is starting to get more noticeable, I have a drain and fill today so she’ll get a boost :wink:


Day 56 :slight_smile:


Day 59 7/39 flower. I lost count on bud sites :grimacing:


Damn @Dew she stretched like crazy!! Looking real good


Day 41 Chronic Widow


Sup @Memnock22

Looking healthy, you’ll wanna give her a haircut when she transitions into flower giving those bud sites some good light.


Thanks @Azuri! This is my first grow so… still learning a lot. I’m going to assume you mean the fan leaves that are blocking any bud sights and lollipop once it stretches some. Thanks for the heads up!


Yup, right now they are fueling your veg growth once you switch to flower trim those fan leaves they will grow back somewhat so another trim around 3 weeks in. Buds love light but find that sweet spot. You can already trim a bit of the undergrowth leaves.


Day 50 with a much needed haircut. This is my first trim. Feels like I took a lot but wondering if I need to cut those monster fan leaves as well.


Not sure what stage day 50 is for you but if you’re in transition or flower it’s time for the monster leaves to go.


Oh yeah. There’s probably some others that could go too that aren’t getting light.


One more again. I tried to bend a cola in the back and it went really soft. It’s still looking to the light so I hope it’s ok. Also took some fan leaves that had buds sites growing next to them. I hope that is the idea.


Hey mamnock, you could top her more if you want. :+1::v:


Should I? Even at this stage with pistils forming?