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So just curious about plant advice. I got a og blueberry limited edition hybrid seed and was curious on how I should go about growing this kind of strain. Should I just let it grow or should I do the tipping of plant as well as lollipoping. But through my readings some need this some don’t some can be hurt while doing this. So just thought I would throw this out here and see what people’s thoughts are and what would you do for this feminized seed.


Meh I’ve always topped my plants and lollipoped as well. All your doing is creating more bud sites so I don’t think it’s too harmful, same with lollipopping. You’re just cleaning up the bottom and allowing your plant to put all it’s energy in specific sites opposed to using it for the entirety of the plant, theoretically getting bigger better buds, hope that helps!


That’s good to know, thanks.


What do you think about scrog?

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I topped my plant multiple times. It’s hard to scrog inside the grobo. Not a lot of space. Depending on if shes bushy u will need to defoil a lot.

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Yeah like @Mcmanis said it might be hard to do but depending on your strain you might be able to. Just keep in mind with topping and Multiple topping you’ll most likely need to add a couple weeks to let her recover. I haven’t done multiple topping yet as my strains that I’ve done so far only needed it once

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Top and bend the branches down … create more bud sites … and repeat

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When is the best time to repeat? Do I let it recover first?

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Give her about a week if you go heavy, 4-5days otherwise is my rule :+1::v: