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So I have seen both ways for pre drying trimming. One way is partial trim get rid of fan leaves and cut off sweet leaf after drying is complete or trim everything off the buds prior to drying.

Obviously there are pros and cons to both. What would they be?

Just curious.


Truthfully I have no not a professional either. Just got tired of trimming and decided to go drink a few beers to celebrate a milestone in my first grobo experience. :sunglasses::grin::grinning:


I just cut off the fan leaves. Seems the sweet leaf would dry better hanging as opposed to laying on its side. Only my thoughts I dont know anything.


one more I missed



Congratulations on your Harvest:raised_hands: Love the Bud-Bucket… Wow, is that a thick Root…



i would recommend a very Slow dry… As slow as you can… If you get to 14 days that would be great… I really dont understand the Grobo recipe for drying… A lot of what i read is directly the opposite of what the grobo is doing. Drying for only 3-5 days seems too short and if you buds are long- that bottom fan is blowing directly on the bud.
In my dry room… I cut the whole plant down… After 48 hrs… I take off the big fan leaves… I continue to let it dry for 10-14 days. I try to achieve a temperature around 65 and humidity between 45-55. The longer you can keep it in this range… the better. Also wet trimming look good visually and its easier tooo work with too but i think you lose a lot of trichrome heads that way… ( my opinion)


Hey @Jamminbear,

The strategy is to remove 80% of the moisture in the buds quickly, hence the drying recipe. The slow part comes when the cure begins. This is when we slow down the dry with controlled burps of the glass jars.

Personally I remove all fan leaves, cut into branches and remove sweet leaves while wet. I find if much easier and that it produces way better bag appeal than when trimming dry. Unto each their own!



Novice question here…

Is the reason you want to remove the moisture quickly to avoid mould problems, or is there another reason for this? I’ve just been reading around too about drying and have read about the dry trim, I’ve only ever wet trimmed before with decent results. Would this effect the taste of the bud at all (dry trim sealing in the Terps more?) or is that more or less coming from the curing process? I just want the tastiest buds possible :slight_smile:


I really dont know. I just stopped where I did because I’m lazy


i definitely agree with the bag appeal but i still have to disagree. I tried both methods before … Wet and dry trimming… I agree wet trimming is the easier route to go. Its easier to remove the fan leaves and Sweet leaves while wet but it increases to much surfaces area hence the quick dry. I do not think curing will alleviate the hay smell as the chlorophyll has not been broken down yet. Vs Drying trimming- Much harder to trim and less bag appeal but the the overall smell/flavor/aroma really comes after an additional 2 month cure in my opinion. ( this is base on my personal experiences and recommendations from Growers/Ed Rosenthal/DJ short. etc) I have also been researching buring Jars the last several months. I have not seen any research done to conclude the amount of burping that is required/needed to reduce the Humidity inside the jars. Do you recommend some type of humidity gauge to ensure you are not burping when its not needed. I feel like the more you burp-the more you lose the smell and flavor of the Gangja. And yeah “Unto each their own!!”


My lastest batch i grew in my tent ( not the grobo) was 14 days of drying with a temp of 65 and humidity between 50-55. I hung the whole plant and remove the fans leaves after 2 days. Finished trimming after 14 days… I will let it cure in C-Vault Jars for 2 months… Ill let you guys know the results.