Pineapple express


7 more days of flower😀


Did you do any topping/trimming/other training?

Because if you just observed I’m impressed. Grobo for the win.


I topped once at the fifth node then just kept fan leaves from covering bud sites.

that pile is actually every leaf I’ve ever cut off. Just toss them there. guess I’m lazy😂 dont think they add up to much not good for anything but sitting there.


That’s one thing I noticed is the amount of trimming that is needed throughout the plants life. I mean you could just leave it but I’m certain it would affect yield in the end.

I compost my leaves :smirk:


I just snipped leaves no lollipop no fimming no training just kept the top buds exposed by cutting fan leaves


And I Also started some viable clones from them



Correct, your last flower day will begin the flush… :wink::green_thumb:


Thank you good to know


Where did you find that chart?







Same bud 100× weird light effects though


Down to the home stretch. Day 106 flower(40/43). Water change day.



Last day of flower. Should start with flush today.


Hey @Wolf

If need be you can run your flush up to 2 weeks to help fill out the buds more and ripen up the trichomes if needed. :herb:




Well this will be one of my last posts with this particular plant. Harvested it today and half way trimmed it up. Its drying now in the grobo. When I do my final trim I will weigh it and post photos.