Pineapple express


Finally enough time off to trim it up properly. Here is a picture pre haircut. Getting bushy


Ya hopefully when they get that app updated, we won’t be searching through our roots… lol


After trim. Just went to 12 and 12. Bud sites are exposed now


Hey @Wolf,

I’m seeing your pH at 6.0 just before your last drain, and 6.6 with the new water. The system adjusted the pH down to 6 where it is being maintained. (I’m seeing 5.8 to 6.1) The recipe for your stage is set to keep the pH in that range, and the unit will adjust hourly. If you were sitting in 4.5 pH, your plant would not be happy, and would be showing signs of stress.



My meter reads 7 in the calibration solution I’m planning on checking it again later.


Big trim yesterday already over it and growing like crazy


Filled her up today getting thirsty. Needs a mid week top off



As fast as I trim the big leaves over the Bud sites more explode over them in days. Can’t believe how fast they grow:sunglasses:


Stretching out but seems to be yellowing. Water change today hopefully it’s just my imagination.


Think I might trim some fan leaves 1 more time. I don’t want to over trim but it looks pretty bushy yet.


She is a beast! I can’t wait to get to that stage :slight_smile:



@Wolf lookin reeaaaal good. What day are you on?


Day 67. Day 1 of 43 flowering



Trimmed again just leaves


Ready for this one?! Lol yours looks great


Might be small, but those are still really nice looking buds @toeknee. What would you do different? …or not do?


I’d read more about topping, but next grow I will not be touching the plant except for trimming. I agree about the look of the buds though