Pineapple express


I cut most of the bad leaves off looking mostly well


@Wolf looking pretty healthy to me!


Day 29 . Got my internet back today changed water, and cut off the rusty leaves . Looking good I’ve been gone and worried about it . Apparently my fears were unfounded.


@wolf Looking good.

Yeah I’m sure at some point someone mentioned that you don’t need a wifi connection 100% of the time. If your unit was able to connect with internet at random points it should be long enough to “talk” with Grobo sever. Your plant made it. :+1: Good luck with the rest of your grow. :herb:


Day 33


Hope I didn’t cut it too low. Baby’s first topknot removal.


to me… :green_thumb:


Hi @Wolf,

I agree with @SilverGrobo, it looks like you have done a great job so far! Your schedule has you flipping to flower in 3 days, I’d like to add another week to that, to allow your topping to recover before you enter flower.

What say you?



Sure sounds fine to me



I’ve added 14 days to stage 3 (We can always adjust in a week if she takes off). You will flip into flowering in about 17 days, harvesting around Jan. 10th.



Ok thank you


Water change today she looks happy


Day 37. The lights just popped on 4 am.


Day 38 trimmed a little more bud sites exposed


Another thumbs up have not had much time lately. Growing itself thanks to grobo


Day 48 now. Have not had much time at all to mess with it . Trimming and changing water.


Day 50 something. Have not had much time for the last 3 weeks. Changed water today 1 day late. Was extended 14 days. Should jump to flower stage any day now. I lost track.


Must be in flower stage now lights are on 12/12. Have a nice ph meter now. Wish I knew what we were aiming for,and what my machine is reporting it’s keeping it set to.


Hey @Wolf, I hope/think they’re gonna update the app to tell us that info soon…:pray: at least where your pH/EC levels are at for where you are on your grow. As far as the pH goes, I’m pretty sure you should be going for anything between 5.5-6.5. Slightly more acidic like they do lol. Hope this helps-


Changed water today. I checked it after I emptied it’s 4.50. The water I’ve been filling with is 6.5. Does it drop ph during the week? I’m going to wait a few hrs for it to equalize then check the resivor just don’t like lifting it and exposing the roots