Pineapple express


Has anyone tried previously or is now currently growing g13 pineapple express? Mine is just starting out. Day 1. Any pics or thoughts on this strain?


Hi @Wolf if I’m not mistaken I think @toeknee was growing that strain?


You’re right! Had a smalll hiccup but Stephen has helped out and it’s doing well. Here is penny the g13 Pineapple Express can’t really go by length of time with mine but that’s about 19 days in


Looks nice. Hope mine pops out soon on day 2 now.


I have a failed Pineapple Express… but it was more so my own fault than anything else. I let the poor guy sit in the dark for too long.


I’d gladly put a picture up but so far nothing to see here. Hopefully tomorrow


I can start putting pics up tonight. I took a peek around 5 am on my way out. She was sanding there soaking up the great lighting. Happy day



Little Audrey the third. Last night at this time there was no sign. This morning at 5 or so she was visible. No she has pronounced leaves. Welcome to our planet little one.


Now not no sorry



I’m going to do my best to show the exact progress of g13 pineapple express. I truly believe they came from up north somewhere i trust and recommend truly finding someone north to procure seeds from.


Nice toeknee very good pictures.


Hope this thread stays pineapple express oriented.,but everyone is welcome


I like the idea of strain grow threads!


Day six according to my recipe







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Fun for the ((oops))… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::wink: