Pineapple Express. First Grow

The comment about temperature is about the water in the reservoir, not so much humidity or temps up above (but they do relate to one another). When the water temp is allowed to stay at 22°C or warmer it can cause bad bacteria growth in the reservoir, which could be part of the delays you’re experiencing.

That water temperature usually sits around room temperature unless the heat from grobo is collecting/recycling (causing it to warm itself up). Moving the air in the room itself might help a bit, it did for me.

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some awesome tips here, thanks!

@Jamminbear @vegetato Sometimes I’ve opened the door and noticed the lights shut off immediately, does that mean the plant is in its sleep cycle? It’s doing that out of the scheduled lights settings.

Yes… i believe so… most growers normally would not check on their plants during the night cycle. I tend to have my lights in from 9pm to 9am. Normally electricity cost less after 9 and plus it gives me time after dinner etc to check on them. I would change the light settings to whatever time is convenient for u.

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Aang, are you running a Premium (window) or Solid (no window) Grobo unit?

@SWSVIC running a Solid (no window) unit

Got ya Aang, In that case it will not be painfully obvious when the light is off as it is on window units. Know your light schedule (you can view it in your Grobo app) and do not disturb the plant durring “lights off”.

My lights are scheduled to be off from 1am - 5am. However, I noticed the lights immediately shutting off outside of that 1am - 5am time frame when I open the door.

Should that be a concern that the lights are not on/off at the scheduled time? If so, I might try readjusting the light settings.

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Yes the lights should definitely be on during that time. They will switch to photo mode when you open the door and then switch back to the purplish grow light color after a few seconds. Are you saying the lights shut off completely? If so, submit a ticket immediately.

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My lights turn off immediately at 5 PM, there’s no purple light on my 12/12

I meant during lights on time. I’m wondering if photo light is being confused with grow light.

This is the current ‘lights on’, also some close up pics of the nodes


Looking great! Sorry, was explaining to @Aang who had posed the question. She’s using a Grobo Solid without the front window.


Yes, sometimes the lights turn off immediately and the inside the machine is dark during the lights on schedule. I’ll keep a closer eye on this. Thank you.

I would submit a ticket right away in that case.


Alrighty, new update!

Sorry it’s been a while.

A couple weeks ago I contacted Grobo support @Danielle was awesome and very helpful. The team basically came to the conclusion it was a genetics issue. They suggested I go back to flower day 1, they would add more red spectrum light and also adjust the dark schedule.

Well I’ve done everything they asked and now… she’s flowering!!! I have about 25 days to go before flush and harvest. It’s been a long road but it’s looking good


Well it’s almost harvest time. My plants leaves are changing colours, this looks like a lot of nutrient burn/issues. Anyone know why this would be happening?


Hey @Demon,

Hit me up at with an email and we can help you with a Hort Check on your unit. You need more time to ripen up those buds. We can help recommend a recipe extension too.


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Email sent

Hi Brian,
I am growing pineapple express right now. And noticed the older lower leaves starting to turn little brown / orange did you have any issues with that during your grow? If so was there anything you did to change it or was it just present during full grow and harvest came out great. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.