Pineapple Express Auto


It’s been a while since I have posted. The reason being is I tried 3 different Dark Devil seeds. I really wanted to try that strain. So loosing over 30 days I now have Pineapple Express Auto going and she is starting well. This is my first Auto so any experience you can share will help. Glad to have another one in the works!


I found much less hassle with auto. No extend grows or anything. I tried regular seed and had to extend it multiple times and got less product




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So here we are at day 51. Questioning the auto characteristics of this seed. I am 13 days into flower and I don’t see any action. She has been on a 18 hour schedule and without her budding yet she has gotten huge and I am afraid she is too big. Anyway I have a support ticket in to possibly change the light schedule. Any comments or suggestions if anyone is familiar with this strain would be appreciated.


Totally new to the whole growing thing, just reading alot, out of curiousity: Shouldnt the plant stop making huge size gains once flowering starts? How do you know that flowering phase started, what are the indicators for that? Isnt the light cycle change sort of irrelevant with autoflowers since they automatically change to flowering phase after a certain amount of weeks or stages of vegetation?

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Sorry that the ((SupportTeam)) is slow on getting back to you… Have you checked out @Stephen video here on ((#YouTubeVideo))?.. He mentions if it isn’t an Auto Seed then the plant will stay in a vegetive state and actually we had a plant go to the roof without a bud site on them, like in this thread…

((#HopeThisHelps))… :thinking:


You ask a few different questions! As far as the plant not making huge gains in size during flower: well that’s not quite correct. After veg, and when we flip to flower, initially there is typically a very nice growth spurt! This helps with nute uptake and the plant is drinking way more for flower production! Second: we know flower stage starts because we make it start by flipping the lighting schedule from 18/6 or 20/4 to 12/12 meaning lights are now on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours telling the plant fall is here! Flower is solely dependent on when WE change the light cycle. And three: auto flower phenotypes are not dependent on our changing the light schedule, they have their own internal clock that tells them when it’s time to “flip”. With autos, you have no real control! You just set it and forgot it. You can keep your light on 24/7 and it doesn’t matter even though some people let it have a couple hour dark break. Hope that clarify things for you :joy::+1::v:


You are the best @Osage, thanks for responding to this one! You have answered perfectly.


PS - I give our autos a night time, short but sweet.