Photo Contest Valentines 2019


Hi Growers!

It’s photo contest time again. Since love is in the air this month, show us what you love beside your Grobo. Let’s keep it simple to start:

  1. One photo per person (Just put them in this thread!)
  2. Must include your Grobo somehow (Inside or outside)
  3. Must include something you love.
  4. Winner is chosen by the community
  5. Entries can be submitted today, voting begins Feb 14th.
  6. Contest ends Monday February 18th, 2019

Winner will receive a special prize package from Grobo headquarters.

Good luck everyone!

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The picture of my Grobo was at day 3. The next picture was on day 8. Looking great so far. I LOVE my second Wife! Cheers all.




I took a couple pics hard to get the children to stay still.



I snapped a couple of photos of Stephen with Bo (Grobo’s official office dog) in the new filming studio!


Haha I promise I wasn’t ripping off your idea of dogs with Grobos. Its funny we uploaded this at almost exactly the same time!


Could only get this lighting on him with me Grobo :heart_eyes_cat:


Photo Contest Valentines 2019








:camera: :camera_flash: :seedling:


That’s a beautiful looking camera!


That’s a beautiful looking Grobo!



Here’s mine


But my favorite one is this:


Great White North, eh?



Let the voting begin! Special thanks to @SilverGrobo, our Graphic artist extraordinaire for combining the multiple pics together! Pic your top 3…