Outside the Grobo - LED lights

I’m in the process of converting a utility closet for more inside growing. My clones from my current grobo grow will be the first plants to be grown there.

The space I intend to use is 3x3 completely dark, perfect temps without assistance of ac (but an AC duct is available for use), decent airflow w/exhaust. I’m considering this tent

HTGSupply 3 x 3 (39"x39"x79") Grow Tent

Which comes with a 400watt HPS. I do not intend to use the light included, so I need your thoughts on an LED I could hang for this space. Currently I start my seedlings in this space early in the year indoors under a very small full spectrum LED that get potted after they’re trained and moved into their permanent homes outside. Here is one of the freebies I recieved that I had no intentions of growing in the grobo (gorilla glue)

Thoughts on a replacement LED
Pros/Cons and cost would be appreciated



ChlLed pucks be growmau5 check rapidled website that’s his website … if I didn’t have the fixtures I have I would’ve bought these amazing lights … also migro lights are awesome they are a cob style … if not go with Mars sp250 but for a closet I’d recommend the chilled pucks … he also just upgraded them



Was considering this (I have 12 foot ceilings and can create a pulley system and don’t truly need a tent, but it’s ideal for pest prevention and light loss)

Comes with v3 pucks

Probably overkill for 4 plants, but I’d rather have more than needed w/ the ability to dial back, extend a little if needed. As an investment which would pay itself back in a yeild or two (not selling, just what I would be purchasing - offset cost). The Mars250 is not esthetically pleasing imo.

Thanks for the tip


I like this idea but not this particular kit.

Hongruilite 36’‘x24’‘x53’’ 2-in-1 Grow Tent Room w/Waterproof Floor Tray + Grow Light Hangers + Digital Hygrometer + 60mm Bonsai Shears + 24 Hour Timer + Trellis Netting Indoor Plant Grow Tent Kit

by Hongruilite

4.1 out of 5 stars 14 customer reviews


Price: $123.89 & FREE Shipping .


Exactlyyyyy you can also buy the pucks seprratley away from the rails and hang them however you like … they also sell the diy parts to that build Incase you want to save more money and do yourself

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