Orions’ Northern Lights Veg Day 5🌱

2 weeks old :pleading_face:

As you can see the burn has continued, I think it’s from the light. Not much I can do I don’t think, but as she grows it’ll lessen.

Second water change to follow tomorrow night.


Back and looking good!

Filled my res manually as my Grobo claimed it was both full and empty at the same time… odd.
Roots look good! I just look at them now :no_mouth: learning new things every time I post :grin:
Added 3.5mL Orca to the water ~30min after water change
Reach! :raised_hands:t4::pray:t4:


The roots do not like light exposure so I’d try not to expose them if possible


Thanks, Aang! I appreciate your advice.

I only exposed them when I took the pic and changed the water manually. I don’t prefer to expose them.

Although, they look healthy and there are new root chutes emerging from the pod now.

I don’t want to damage them, but I do like taking peeks and taking pictures. I take them with flash off and brightness/exposure up.


I tried this coco pod technique with my noob seed :green_heart::v:t3:

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