OG Kush - take 2


Trying the same strain again as a bit of a science experiment.

My first seed died after 5 days (damping off I think, or it got too cold at night) so here is seed number 2 on day 16 (I had them pad the germ stage by 5 days to account for the lost seed)





Day 32: bit of a rough beginning again…leaves looking a little twisted, but I have faith it will survive and thrive.


My last OG Kush had the twisted leaves and it seems to only happen to the early first leaves.

I’m seeing a pattern with the plants are slow to get going in the Grobo as they get established and the roots grow. Once you pass that point they explode with growth.


Seeing you have the sticker to push your coco pod down in your unit, I’ve noticed the first set of jagged leaves for those units, haven’t made it over the brim and can’t grow out right slowing that very early growth up. Just a thought, not sure what you could do for said issue.


I think they have improved the lid design on the newer units. I have the same type of lid as @rainstorm3 and I grew that strain last time around I also had the same twisted leaves. My next grow doesn’t have them but a different strain. Both my first two grows haven’t had any lid interference but I think the lid with the flush coco pods is the better design. Better air flow across the coco pod equals less chance of damping off in early seedling stage.


I agree mine sits plush with the lid. When I was having problems with germination I was pushing my pod down to far not realizing I shouldn’t. Since you have this sticker, what happens to your pod if it sits level? Does it dry out?


There was an issue with some of the first recipes or software bug where the air bubbler was not coming on or failing. This is vital to keep the coco pod moist for germination. I think now that issue has resolved the coco pod height issue and germination has gone away. I personally have had 100% success rate with any seed i’ve grown in the Grobo. In short depending on which lid you have follow the height guide of the lid you have and everything will be fine.


I’ve also noticed that pattern! I wonder if the nute dose is too high to start with?


Hey @rainstorm3 I think you’re on to something. Let me tell you what I did this time around. I knew at day 11 it changes from germination to early veg growth. Instead of waiting until day 14 week 2 I did my drain and fill on day 11 thinking my plant would get an early taste of some nutes. Well yeah bad move the first leaves got and overdose of cal/mag and other stuff and they didn’t end up pretty.

Dosing the plants to much or to early is not good as I found out. My new growth is fine now but jumping the gun on a young fragile plant with nutes isn’t good.


Funny @Azuri I’ve been leaving my drain and fill longer, about 2-4 days after it recommends in this early stage of veg In the hopes that it wouldn’t OD in that first stage. Now seems to be doing awesome. I just trimmed and bent a buncch of the plant but I’ll take a pic in a few Fay’s when it recovers. Looking really strong now.


Hey @rainstorm3 check this pic out. I did the first dosing on day 11 as you said my little girl OD’d and this pic is day 16 suffering the hangover. I didn’t even bother alerting Grobo guys as it was my own doing and all the new growth was good, She’s fine now at day 24.

Hey @puchy on your post about your plant look at my girl below a little rough but she’s fine and yours will be fine too. Your new growth looks good. :+1:

New grow, thc bomb 6 days old