Odor issue


So I have some bud that smells really potent. I have it in the back room by the furnace (which odor somehow gets carried around in vents in which we can’t figure out) and simply opening a mason jar can make my door to the garage stink hours later, 7 hours later!!! and because what I described I was thinking about buying a small tent to store my stuff and possibly my grobo. I hear tents are getting good at keeping odor down. Any recommendations would be grateful and any thoughts on a grobo in a tent? Thanks


Ona prodycts



Odor issue


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If it’s near your furnace it’s pulling the air around it through and pumping it throughout your house, if you can, move it away from the furnace or even an air return. That or what @chris_barfield suggested

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Grab a big inline fan and put it ontop of one of these big bad boys. Keep it in the same room and presto. No tent needed.



That’s not a bad idea, I can just put an in-line fan with carbon filter on it and put it on top of unit. :+1:
Ha I just thought about how I can take a few hits and then even blow into fan and there you go. Pretty good I just hope that this would help better than my air purifier for the furnace issue? But I like this idea thank you!!!