OCD issues


I hate that the text gets cut off! Anyone else?


You’re not alone brother. Small details drive me nuts too.


@toeknee @Azuri I thought I was the only one who noticed this and didn’t want to seem annoying haha


We’ve all commented. I suspect the verdict will be to have that fine tuned in the final app form. Gotta think everything’s a cost in a startup.


Hi @toeknee,

Thanks for the feedback! We just applied a quick fix to address this issue. Notification text on the home screen now has a little more breathing room and the default message will no longer be cut off.

Keep the feedback coming!


Wow, I am very glad I am a new part of the grobo fam!


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If I could piggyback off of some of the commentary regarding the application layout. Rather than it saying “Your Grobo is Growing” could you just remove the “your” from the phrase?

The screenshot that @toeknee has provided shows the nutrient bottles entirely (which looks great vs not being able to see them), what’s the likelihood we can see that be a permanent fix as well?

With notifications now popping up within the application itself, you are forced to click on the notification (which redirects you to the AG Forum) can you address this to stop redirecting us and rather just have the notification box disappear once user clicks on it?

How about notifications on when the unit is experiencing an error or malfunctioning, such as being offline? Can this be something to work towards as I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve found the unit offline for several hours without any notification. Just want to take away any possible concerns for new users set to receiver their units.



Hey @Rich

Here a screen shot of my UI layout of the app. I think it looks the same as tooknee’s. What device do you use to view this? I’ll be honest I never use the app beyond reading a notification which I can do via email.

I look forward to the day that i can take out my RH% and temperture gagues. I would love to know remotely what the temp is in the unit or get a notice something is on or working like the lights on or off or air pump on…I know it takes time to implement this stuff, timing frame would be good.

Just simple stuff.


I’m using iOS, however my nutrient bottles are covered by the “your Grobo is growing” text box. It’s been very frustrating from day one.

Any communication from the machine regarding humidity and temperature would be ideal. As you mentioned, implementing such changes will occur over time, but we’ll see!:crossed_fingers:t3:


Hey @Rich I use iOS (iPhone 6plus) and my bottles are visible! What device do you use?


@Rich you should see
Them now
@bruno pushed a quick fix the other day … I as well run iOS I’m
On an iPhone X and my bottles show …

by the way thanks grobo team for allowing us to give feedback and seriously take our thoughts into consideration… just realized we are creating the grobo experience for the future together… just hope ya don’t forget about us “pioneers” of Grobo One haha …

Ps don’t mind me I just smoked some motorbreath with purple chem sauce rolled in pre 98 bubba keif and i boy am I Stoned lol


I have the iPhone 8 not sure what’s up with mine, but it’s does not reflect either of the pictures above. Not the worst thing in the world, was just curious if it was possible.

Definitely would love to get those push notification to disappear vs redirecting :call_me_hand:t3:


Hey @Rich

Since you’re using IOS and few of us are as well but on different devices. Check my pick below. Have you at any point changed this setting in the pic which is located in your settings. It can mess with some sites since the app is currently web based, it’s worth a try.

Lastly what browser are using to access your app? I’m using the built in Safari.


Nothing regarding that, but appreciate the suggestions. I’m using the safari browser as well not sure what could be taking place, either way the application works as is and that’s what we want.



No explanation required. :point_down:



@Azuri or how bout when you put a dish in the fridge like it’s supposed to be there … lmaoo yes I did just do that …