I notice as I am reading thru people’s threads that some people are adding extra nutrients like big bud and stuff to improve flower. I would like to here thoughts and tips on this

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The two most famous additives that I hear of other people mixing in with their Grobo are:

  1. Recharge
  2. Hydroguard
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From my experience adding nutrients with grobos aren’t really worth it … if you are using your own nutrient brand then it can help…







If so get some Hydro-guard going right away, and get a bottle of Revive!! Also, Recharge will help your roots explode. Apply all three:
Save plant and Root System:
Hydro-guard from Botanicare to ward off any root rot concerns with the warm reservoir.





((#RootRotFix)): :adhesive_bandage:
Just For Fun.. :D