Noticed something new in the app


Anyone else notice the app now tells you what day of flowering your plants in. Was this an update that was pushed through? I just saw it appear an hour or so ago.





Lol I just posted about this but yea I’ve noticed … to me one of the best additions to the app … still want to see the entire schedule but this is still very helpful


Yes, I agree fully…
Now when it’s Flushing we can stop it faster… :wink:


@chris_barfield yes very cool and definitely helpful. I hope they keep giving us more data and information like this. Especially the things they see like pH, EC, water reservoir temp, air temp, humidity I think height even. Basically all the cool gadgets I saw and read about on the website two years ago when I decided to go for it and put a deposit down. I’m sure they will and i know they don’t want to overwhelm the grower, but Gotta say a lot of those features is what made me go with Grobo, I can’t wait till they actually come out and the app looks like what’s on the website.


Hey… I don’t have that! How do I get it??


@SterlingNico You have to clear out those notifications first! Just click on the button that says “Is my cannabis ripe yet?” then you can clear out your notifications. Just keep an eye out for any drain and fills that you might not have done yet.


Hahaha, got it! Thanks! This is a great new feature!


Very nice I’m on day 14 of transition day 65 of the grow. Had the veg extended a few weeks. Seems that I still got notifications in line with the original schedule. Just went on the 12 12 schedule last few days i thought


Hi @Wolf,

The transition stage marks the beginning of your 12/12 light cycle and the beginning of your flowering. So, you have been in flower or 12/12 for the last couple weeks.



Ok but my app is calling it day 2 of flowering today. It called the last 2 weeks transition


That’s just how the breakdown the timeline of growth but when you start transition is day one of flowering