Not sure if she’s gonna make it [RESOLVED]


Hi everyone! Another newbie here at growing and was curious if we should start over. We’re on day 11 and attached is what our Super Silver Haze seed looks like. It sprouted the root about a week ago but has yet to show any green. I’ve also noticed the coco pod is quite saturated (pressing on the top, a lot of water comes out) and curious if we should have it sitting higher?

Thanks in advance!


@ScottM was the seed in the Coco Pod’s hole before taking this picture?




Looks like your coco pod wasn’t deep enough. If it’s dry and that’s the position you’ve always had it in then that most likely is the issue… germination needs oxygen water and humidity


Yes. It was about a half inch deep and the pod was soaked. I pulled the seed out to see if the root had grown since changing the water last week and not much at all.


Hi Chris,

The pod has always been at this depth but it was absolutely soaked. I tried gently touching the top and water would squirted up out of it. I then lifted the white cover and water was dripping pretty heavily out of the pod.



Hmm might be to soaked and you fell victim to dampening … if you try another seed soak the coco pod then squeeze so it’s not dripping


@ScottM have you read through this post yet?

Let me know if that helps at all :+1:




Yeah I dont think you put it deep enough I’m not seeing the line your supposed to stop at



Place Below the Line…




This is simply epic. Wowzers beyond belief! I love when our users help each other!!



Thanks! I’ll try pushing it further down. Our machine did not come with a label indicating the line and I’ve seen some conflicting info out there, one thread states it should be flush with the lid and others stating it should be pushed down to the line. Heading to the grow room now to fix it and will try again.

Appreciate all the support, :crossed_fingers: this one sprouts.


Push it under the line when you see roots hitting the water you can push it


Sorry for the confusion @ScottM

Here is the skinny on coco pod placement. We have made some slight cosmetic updates that enables the user to place the coco pod flush with the top of the lid.

  1. If your lid has a sticker, place the coco pod at that level.

  2. If your lid does not have a sticker, place the coco pod flush with the lid.


Question about initial setup?
Day 19
Coco Pod-



What were the charges to allow for the pod to be higher ? For ones with the sticker can we push it up like that or is it a different shield?


Different lids @chris_barfield. They are not exchangeable. Sticker users push down, non sticker users are flush.



That is an important piece of info @Stephen I assumed the sticker was a new addition to an existing lid to aid in germination. The more you know. :wink:


Is it safe for me to push up level? I did not know this I thought mine was just missing the sticker.


Yep! I would do it now before more root growth


Thank you everyone. I have gently push it level.