Northern Lights Auto Started - First Grow

Soaked my seed for about 15 hours, started the grow yesterday at 2:30pm. Checked the coco pod with a magnifying glass and the seed cracked and I see the white tap root emerging.
Is this a good sign? Cracked within 24 hours?


I was thinking of growing northern lights. Where did you get yours

Growers Choice out of California

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Yes its a very good sign! My kush and cookies did the same thing and 30 days later…


Custom screen @Bplatinum9???






((#PhProbe)): ((#PhSensor)):


She is Much Happier… Let it ride up to the end of Late Veg before making a decision on extending… that is how I’m doing it on our 5th Plant… This is your decision though and your plant… I think the ((EarlyVeg/LateVeg)) are the same and just time divides them… I think for what she went through she has healed well…


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Life here day 6 ! Northern Lights Auto from Growers Choice. Wish us luck!


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Update. Day 13 Day 3/14 early veg Generic Auto recipe.
Am I where I need to be???
Does this look right to you all.

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Hey @RockyMountainHermit

Your girl looks like she has some pH issues. The browning and twisting of leaves are my indicators, roots look good. Throw a support ticket in for them to check your settings.


Update day 22

Looking healthy!
Northern Lights Auto from Growers Choice
Should I extend early veg ? Did it get a slow start?


Personally I would give it one more week or start late veg and add more time. I think it depends on the strains but some of them do start out like runts. I picked the smallest seed in the pack and got something hefty.

Early Vegetation (Day 14/ 14)


Coming nicely!


How many days is that ?

That’s Day 14 of early veg so it would be 24 days. This was the first day I topped.
Im on day 52 right now.

Not an Auto right ?

Right! This is the breakdown of stages but the company came up with shift management so we can add more time to either stage. Plants don’t always grow to meet the intended stage. I have extended late veg about three times already because my plant hasn’t reached the second fan yet. Once it reaches the second fan its safe to start transition/flower because during flower it will grow the other 50% Im hoping this will help!

Extend a week, you can always skip ahead if you extend and cut your days back. Besides you will be amazed at how fast your plant will start growing soon in just one day!

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