Norden seeds


Auto viking ak47 , auto chees from norden seeds .

This is 17 Days, and i have just fim a few and lst a.few and we vill se after a time have it Works .



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How do you like those air pots?


I fkn love em


I Think this is realy good , and keep the wather inte middele and some root come out on the side and get air.
I have 25 pices of this , but i Allways have diffrent size on the boxers .


I love the 2 :heart:


22 Days old , and a New strain under the lamps .


What lamps you running ?


I have 2 pices optic cob 6 , and 600 w hps, and a 1650 w led .
Always 4 lamps on .

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How do you like those optics? I contemplated those before I bought my fluence bioengineering spydrs? I always see someone leaving crap on the optic Instagram page … I actually might buy these hlgs 550


My optic 6 is ok , and i have just buy them .
What is it for lamp you have ??
And this hlgs 550 bord , i Think that is the skit :rofl::joy::yellow_heart::green_heart::heart: i Think i vill have this 550 or 600 , 700 somting bord to get the best light and still not take to Mutch elextrcy.
Do you grow strain now ?


Sorry för my bad English, i try to whrite so you and adder grow dud can anderstand in the big picture what i mean .

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So right now I have fluence bioengineering spydrx in my tents… and they are really good … my electric bill isn’t high … I’m growing chem sister (original chem cut) x tangie and some random seeds I got in 8ths from the dispensary