No week 14 notification?

Am I missing a notification? I notice I’m now in flush day 1/10. What’s this mean and what do I need to do? Drain and fill every day?

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Drain and fill and take out the 3-5 hoses just in case


Brother, that means you’re m basically done. All you have to do now is make sure you have clean ro water that is ph’d to 5.7, and wait till this process is done! 10 days is normal. Then you harvest!! Yeahhh!!! Good work





Drain and fill once a week still… bottles 3, 4, 5 should not disperse at this time…


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Hello, I am on week 13, my tricomes looks good, I am on day 90/107. Amnesia seed. My question is, If I decide to harvest today, 39/45 in Flower. I will have to move to next stage first ?, Flush stage. and wait 10 days, Or I force end grow and choose the drying recipe without doing Flush ?

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That’s up to you. You can flush for 10 days or you can harvest and dry. Up to your preference :+1::v:

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Thanks for the info, I just read the post of Flush or not Flush. I think that I will leave the recipe as it is. There only left just a few days…I think that I will flush . Regards.


I think that is a smart move. I too read that post, but in my experience, bud just smokes better, smoother, and you don’t typically get that hacking cough when you do flush. I do however get the hacking cough, harsher smoke, when I don’t flush. That said, I’ve also found that curing bud longer that wasn’t flushed, knocks down those negative attributes :+1::v: