No nuggs yet?


Is it weird that I don’t see any nuggs yet and I got feminized seeds


@David_mendez what stage or day are you on?


Is your plant about 11 weeks in?.. Maybe a support ticket :tickets::ticket:is needed to see if the stress your plant went through is the reasoning of the delayed flowering… You might have to add more time to your ((vegetation stage)) before your 12/12 flip…

StephenGrobo Team - Horticulturalist

Oct 11

Yup, flowering time starts with the flip of the lights! Here is something I wrote earlier about flowering time…

Great question. The flowering time does not equal the growing time. In each recipe, the seed needs to germinate, go through the teenage years (seedling stage) and grow bigger through the vegetative stage, where the roots expand, plant training takes place and the plant branches grow stronger. Then we flip the lights to 12/12 to begin the flowering stage . Remember that strain ‘flower times’ are guidelines and require the grower to make the final determination of ripeness.

Growers can extend the vegetative grow time as long as they wish, producing huge 10-foot trees if they have enough time. The strains are marketed by their flowering time, which starts when the lights are flipped and ends at harvest time. These times are consistent across strains, and thus are the numbers you see on all of the breeder marketing material.

TLDR; Flowering time is 8-9 weeks, total grow time just under 4 months.

Hope that helps,

liked this.


I’m in day 81


Hey @David_mendez, I agree with @SilverGrobo on the support ticket. Def should have some form of buds by now unless it’s the wrong recipe which would be my hunch. They’ll get back to you and get you on track with whats going on with her- Hope this helps!


Thank you @SilverGrobo and @Dew I just sent a ticket :ticket: I hope it’s something that can be fixed


What strain are you running could be genetics I didn’t see buds until close to week 3 … such strains like gmo , chem cookies , and garlic breathe have a rediculously long flowering time but if she is growing with no issues I’d just be patient she will bless you


Hey @David_mendez

Probably not want you want to hear but yeah the genetics vary and any training you may have done. I kid you not I didn’t even see any sign of nugs until week 5 of flowering and stretch only ended around week 6+ :open_mouth:

I had to extend my flowering and flush by a total of 2+ weeks all self inflicted training stess in my case but all good in the long run. :+1:


Thanks @Azuri and @chris_barfield im growing a gorilla bomb recipe:)


Hi @David_mendez,

I agree with the esteemed champions above, @Azuri and @chris_barfield, but I have a trick in the toolbox to help you out a bit. I’ve tweaked your recipe to shorten your days. Welcome to 14 hour nights and a new expected harvest date of Jan 1st. Happy New Year!



I just had the same situation. My plant got so big I took it out of the grobo and now have it in a pot. I think Stephen was right when he said it could be a sativa strain that just takes longer to flower and ripen. I am new to growing and chose a generic recipe and I think now that may have been the downfall. The only good point is that my plant took well to replanting in a pot and is strong still. I will let everyone know if it gets better.


Love to hear about your outcome and share photos to keep us growing with you… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::herb::green_thumb:



A month has gone by, how is your grow doing out of the Grobo?.. :thinking:


Thanks for the thought. Well into the budding stage and still growing.