NFTG Coco LED Grow

I would like to introduce my current grow to the community so that I can start to get some feed back and share my trials and tribulations.

I have used Nectar for the Gods in the past with decent success so I just stuck with what I am familiar with, this run.

I have 4 Sunset Cookies in Coco Perlite in a 3x3 tent under a Cali Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 LED. First time growing in coco, and first time running an LED start to finish.

I start from clone around April 30th.

So far I have run into a root zone pH issue due to poor coco and pH of water going up over night and not double checking myself and ended up with a 7.5 pH, which damn near killed my plants.

Since then I put my plants through emergency flushing. Put the entire plant including fabric pot into a tub of pH’d water at 5.0 for 3 hours, twice. I was able to reign the pH back down to around 6.3-6.5 run off which is still a little high for my liking but things are on the up swing.

Current state is much more positive since the start. I am noticing what I believe to be a Magnesium deficiency, but a little Epsom Salt/CalMag flush has the girls praying like they never have before.

I have about 1-2 more weeks of veg to get some more growth and hopefully fix any health issues before we go full flower mode.

Below will be a slight time line of the grow from clone transplant to present date. Thanks for checking it out.



5 weeks from transplanted Clones

Magnesium deficiency is on the move towards stabilizing after a few waters with Epsom Salts, which is great with flower only a week away.

Noticing some slight light burn on the tips of the leaves. I need to raise my LED up a little bit. 36in is recommended for veg and I’m at about 24in currently.


The ladies are well under way in their 12/12 photoperiod.
Height could have been managed better but training wasn’t a priority.
Plants were pruned decently heavy; any branches that didn’t make the light didn’t make the cut.
Feeding schedule includes the Roman Regimen nutrients at full strength with a few extras additives.
3 feeds and 2 waters per week will have these ladies blooming in no time now.

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Added an off brand Blue and Red Spectrum LED to see if there is any added benefit to the extra color spectrum and wattages. Hoping to yield around 600 grams for these 4 plants.


Week 3 Flower

Heavy defoliation and last prune of anything that was too shaded. May have gone a little too heavy, but I really want to test the limits of these plants and get an idea of where the Bell Curve starts to be decline.
Nutrients are being maxed out and beginning to ramp up some individual nutrients to help different aspects of flower phase.
Buds should start exploding.


@Brotherbuddah I’m definitely interested in the results of your grow with the extra LED blue and red spectrum added. I’m currently using a ViparSpectra Reflector series v450. It has two switches for veg and bloom, the bloom adds more red and blue light while the veg is mostly white, blue and a little bit of orange. They say you can have both turned on, but from what I have found it creates a lot of heat with they are both on, like almost a 15 degree change in my little unit.