Newest Grow

I have triplets. Sensi Skunk, Bubblegum, and Red Poison

They are 6 days old from seed to seedling.



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hey Mcmanis, how do you grow directly into a RDWC from seeds? I’m thinking about a rdwc but im really worried about the germing part, and how will they get water in an rdwc.

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I germinate into rockwool and once my seed becomes a seedling with true leaves forming I put it in the pebbles.





Your a pro now! :eyes: I gotta get on your level! Great job McManis! :+1::seedling::mortar_board:

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I’m far from it lol. I just not afraid to fail. I’m willing to try anything.


Day 10

Getting much bigger. Will give first nutes in 4 days.


Day 14: The Triplets

Just started giving nutes. Looks like a little discoloration hopefully nutes will clear it up. I don’t think the lights are too close. The lights are 20 inches away


Update Day 19

The 2 larger ones already have 5 nodes the smallest has 4 nodes.


What size tent are you using? Every Time I see your grows I want to try tent growing but I have yet to grow anything completely first so I’m just gonna keep taking notes from your tent grows a bit longer.

My tent is 2x4. I would like to have a 4x4 but I don’t have the room for a tent that big. Dont be afraid you can’t fail if you don’t try. I’ve failed a lot but I just keep planting new seeds.


Thanks! When I start I’m going to do it with that size tent because I don’t want a large electricity bill or mold to get worse in my basement I have a couple areas prone to mold development. Do you have a hose going outside for venting or just into the room?

My setup has the air going into a filter outside the tent. No smell at all.