Newbie -Recipes?


Apologies!! New to forums!! This seems extremely complicated to figure out which thread I should add this to so I am just starting a new thread?? Probably NOT what I am supposed to do – breakin the rules already!

Can you add a recipe for Mango Kush?


Heres where you request Welcome to the forum.

Also mango kush is a hybrid so if it’s not on the list you can use the recipe for generic hybrid. HAPPY GROWING.





what do you recommend for Kali dog, lemon og haze? What would I have to change if i used Sweet Tooth seeds that were not auto?


Both of those strains are hybrid. And hybrid, sativa, or indica not on the list you can use the generic recipe in their respective categories.


i dont have my grobo yet can you explain a little deeper.


@Stoned if the seed you’re using doesn’t have a recipe in the list of strain there are generic recipes for sativa hybrid and indica. So for me last grow for instance I grew master kush but there wasn’t a recipe so I used the generic indica recipe. Stephen, the Grobo horticulturalist, is working on updating the recipe list as we speak so maybe what your growing will end up on there!


On the recipe list, there are direct recipes for certain strains that have been tested but if your strain is not on the list you refer to generic recipes.

100% Indica gets the Generic Indica recipe.

100% Sativa gets the Generic Sativa recipe

Hybrid gets the Generic Hybrid recipe.


lets hope. I have to wait while they prepare and ship my grobo so maybe they will by then if im lucky


can i use the sour kush setting for Kali Dog? i think there cross bred with the same strains but in reverese


Cool. Glad to see I’m not only one confused on how this forum board works! :slight_smile:

Can we close this thread so people stop requesting recipes here?


Your wish is granted @omacoder.


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