Newbie questions


Is there a document or website that states what should be happening everyday? For instance, I started my first grow and after filling the pump is running and the water is bubbling. I don’t know if this is normal or not.

Right now I know nothing…




You are right as rain bill, your air pump airates the water which helps the roots take up water and nutrients, thus allowing your plant to grow and thrive. Cheers


That’s good that delivers oxygen to the roots


Hi there @Spinage ! We have our grow guide posted here: Grow Guide. This will walk you through what you can expect as you move through the process! Of course if you have additional questions feel free to give us a shout at and the community here is also a great source of information!


Hi GroboJason,
Can you tell me is it normal for the aerator or oxygen bubbler to turn off? Its day 13 of my grow, changed the water a few days ago at lower water level. I can see a tap root from the sprout and the lower fan is on. Is the bubbler suppose to turn off now?


Should be on 24/7


Really? No one seems to be answering support questions from Grobo. I put in a support ticket yesterday but I guess people are on Vacation.


Yeah normally they’re right on top of things so I would say that this being the holiday season probably aren’t around as much. @Chris think you could help him out at all?


Def should always be on at all times … go to Walmart or a pet store and buy a cheaper one and hook it to the line until they fix it


@Andyrmt what colour is the led on the front of your grobo?


It’s light blue on slow pulse so it’s wifi enabled. I tried unplugging and no change


Hmm then yeah probably will have to be on their end. Being the weekend as well I would maybe do what @chris_barfield said and get a backup just for the time being if no one from the team responds. Kind of shitty but you’re roots aren’t going to get the oxygen they need so you could risk losing her


Grab a cheap aerator and take the back panel off at the bottom and detach the aerator tube and plug it into yours


It’s irritating that I have to do that as this machine is two weeks old!!!


Ok, I will try picking one up tomorrow.


Hi @Andyrmt,

I apologize for the delay in response. Right now the best course of action was as @chris_barfield suggested and to get an external aerator. Is your unit still responding to internet commands like drain and fill? You’ve tried restarting your unit, correct?

We’ll be back in full force come tomorrow as a heads up




Yes I attached an external aerator and the machine is responding. I got a drain and fill notice today



That’s good to know. @GroboJason will respond to you via your support ticket email thread so please check your inbox for messages from support!




Hi Chris,So since my aerator pump is bust, and the wires are not connected, day 23 of the grow, I bought an external pump and hooked it up. @GroboJason is sending me a new pump but not sure I will know how to hook it up, he said he was sending directions. I just did a drain and fill and hopefully my strain, Northern Highlights will keep its momentum. Now I just need step by step info on LST. Should I find that on youtube? Thanks


@Andyrmt you have the magnets from the grobo store?
That is what I have been using for Lst.