New way to dry your medicine!


This is My Herbsnow cannabis dryer it is going to change the future of home drying sorry Grobo I will not be using the dry mode or hanging any of my plant this amazing device will save the headache or risk of drying the traditional way which has many factors that can ruin your harvest with this device my harvest will be ready for curing in an average time of 96 hours of course environmental conditions play a factor but not huge I will be documenting my experience to show and see if this is something our wonderful community would be interested in :hushed: almost forgot my grow ends in 2 days woohoo!!! :tada:


Looks to be a traditional dehydrator to me…is there a difference?? :man_shrugging:


@Osage yes big time a dehydrator will cook cannabis this device is especially made for cannabis and is the perfect environment for drying google and YouTube you’ll see the truth about this amazing device bro


It’s super low temperature @Osage no kind of food could ever get properly dehydrated with this device again this is dailed in for cannabis and cannabis only


Interesting, can’t wait to see how this works out for you!


How much and where can I get one!!

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Amazon growmie!!!


Thanks bro I am pretty sure I will be adding this to my grow supplies…I completely fried my first grow :sob:


Sorry to hear that bro I’m a picky thorough person especially when it comes to spending my money and I know this is one of best investments I’ve made in a long time @JonnyBlaze


took 5 1/2 hours in trim jail but I’m free!!!


Great looking yield! What was your weight prior to starting the drying unit?

We’re you happy with the bud development after the trim? From the pictures they look fantastic! Interested to see your final weight and pictures!


I decided not to check the weight prior honestly because it didn’t matter to me I want to know the final weight. I’m extremely happy with this yield the buds were huge the developing of bud sites were great I could not pick her up straight she was just to heavy



((#Congratulations))… ((#HappyDrying))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


50 hours to go and it looks beautiful inside :joy:


well there it is final tally is 51.85 grams and I love the final product next round I will be using an additive to help thicking the final product but I’m happy with my first grow and I couldn’t wait to try it but since it’s sativa dom I’m kinda up :laughing: I want to every single person who has helped me along the way and there’s way to many to write regardless you know exactly who you are many blessings and good vibes to this beautiful community I consider my tribe :facepunch:t4::sunglasses::fire::green_heart::evergreen_tree::green_heart:


Congrats brother, it looks great and your yield is super. Well done :+1::v:


Thanks bro next round will amazing just can’t afford nutrients at the moment and this took basically 2 sets of nutrients :sleepy: so the math on that hurts I even tried to do that video upload to get nutrients but wouldn’t let me so who knows when that’s going to happen but thanks I promise to do better next time :facepunch:t4::sunglasses:

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Next time try Amazon their nutes de pretty cheap. I must live next to a pretty cheap store because my nutes haven’t been that bad. Maybe 9-12 bux a bottle. I just grab one every time I get paid. I think ur pretty lucky to have that herbsnow. I cant afford to buy that. Lol


What’s your store name that sells Grobo nutrients cheap?

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