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Hello, new to this I have a few questions, 1. Is this legal to buy in MINNESOTA? 2. If I use my debit card what will my bank statement say?


I don’t work for Grobo but this growing or any growing units are not illegal to buy. If you choose to grow an illegal plant that could be a grey area. We all grow basil in our Grobo’s. :wink: If you have concerns about it being flagged at customs it will be a non-issue… No different then buying a complete greenhouse kit online as a comparison.

The charcoal filter will help with any smell your plant will give off but if your “basil” smells like mine kind of a skunky smell keep that in mind when growing.


@davantay_corey Welcome to AG!

  1. As @azuri explained, it is legal to buy Grobo in Minnesota as it is a growing system and we have customers who grow a variety of plants in it. If you want to grow cannabis in it I recommend that you fully read and understand our terms and conditions. Here is a quick read on cannabis in Minnesota.

  2. I believe your bank statement will say GROBO and our phone number.

If you have any other questions we’re happy to help answer them!


maybe you can find something here…

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