New to Hydro and Grobo


Hey Guys, new to hydroponics and Grobo and had a couple of questions. So, I just got my Grobo a couple days ago and set everything up. Everything seemed ok until I noticed on day 3 the air stone was not bubbling and my intake fans were not running. Is that normal during the germination phase or should I contact support/put in a ticket?


Fan doesn’t start until day 10 but air bubbles should be going. Put in a ticket, someone form support will help you get it going again.


Try recycling the power on the unit @Hainesjr1 and if that doesn’t work email support. If your plant comes up you can use the drain hose on the side to make a continuous loop of aster and air bubbles.


If that doesn’t work you can maybe grab a air pump at Walmart … but try the reset unplug for 60 seconds … the air pump at this stage won’t mess anything up … so you have for support to contact you …


Thank you guys, you guys are awesome. I’ll contact support on the air stone and take your tips for the hose or a cheap air bubbler into consideration.


Leaving it in drain mode while in the grobo units water container it will cycle the water through adding oxygen. Short term fix


Echo what everyone has already said! I was able to save my wee plant for 10 days doing the continuous drain mode back Into the tank. That’s a great short term solution. You should hear from support on Tues if you put in an email now!


Anyone check water between fills especially after day 30and not get a top up notification


Not many above 30, my past experience is top ups not required between weekly drain and fills. I think they have the top up on day 3 only to ensure the coco pods are moist for germination. Once your plant is established the roots are in the reservoir so water level a little a high or low not a big issue.

I don’t think a pant will drink the reservoir dry in a week. Could be wrong, lol.


Hey @ToddYYC I concur with @Azuri. Top up on day 3 is the only top up I believe. After that it’s on day 7 it prompts you to drain and fill, and then drain and fill once a week until end of grow. Unless you’re in a super dry area where the water is evaporating at a high rate, I would imagine it should be quite fine each week.


I was sitting well below low line. No notifications. Filled it with fresh water to max line and in 12 hours overnight it’s back to low line. That’s over an inch. It’s going to be hot this week. No notifications are bad.


My apologies. My point being my plants stunted growth could be due to making the roots keep reaching for water?


Hi @ToddYYC

I have not experienced plant drinking growth at your plant level day so its hard for me know for sure. @Rich would know for sure. If you’re roots are searching for water or not submerged in water then for sure there needs to be a top up. Based on my plant at day 24 even if there was only 2 inches of water in my resevior the roots would go to the bottom.

When is your next drain fill due?


@ToddYYC it’s hot right now where I’m at and didn’t notice until I read this thread that my grobo unit is well below the line as well and one of the roots on the side has turned brown but others are starting to grow the little hairs off the roots… is that from that root not hitting the water ?



Fill it up chris. Keep er tipped up if shes over s month.

@Azuri roots are fine bro. But I think it’s the cause of that issue. I suspect with the outside ambient temperature hotter it’s more humid in the machine and just evaporates more plus a hungry plant. Some of my bottles are close to half empty and only half way through a plant grow.
I assumed grobo told you when it was below the low line as logic would dictate that point as a crucial turning point.


Quick question guys, before I left for work I drain/ refill my water tank at the beginning of day 7. Now, I did this before I received the notification because I wanted to be proactive. Now, did this mess with the beginning of the dosing schedule by me doing this? Should I trigger a drain/fill again when I see the notification later to ensure it does? Love my Grobo but there is some ambiguity with app and wished there was a checklist or something the app could help you keep track of/allow for better communication with support as well.


Hi @Hainesjr1 to my understanding, each time you do a successful drain/fill the Grobo is triggered to dose appropriate nutes.
Because you did the drain/fill early, I think you will still get the scheduled notification, but knowing you did it early, you can ignore until the next one!


@Hainesjr1You’ll make a fine grower!

Yeah you jumped the a gun a bit. :+1: The Grobo will prompt you to drain and fill again. I would if I were you I’d do it since it looks for the series of water sensors to trigger and signal the drain and fill was done and then doses the reservoir.

The Grobo guys can see that kind of data, we can’t. Worse case scenario you used some extra nutes.


@Hainesjr1 I wouldn’t worry to much about the drain and fill the grobo will read it’s sensors and adjust the feeding accordingly… just from now stay on track with what grobo tells you to drain and fill … and your idea is good you should post it over in the section for app feedback…


Thank you guys for the prompt responses! Hydro and more automous growing is so new to me so I’m getting used to the nuisances. Used to be solely soil and wanted to change/more hands free.