New skywalker grow

You can put pictures in that thing? Nice! I never knew. But then I have only updated it maybe once or twice during seed germination as like a prayer to the green one or something.


Speaking of pictures… have some aesthetic pics I took last night checking on her buds!


I’ll take a picture probably after harvest or close to it, but I nearly lost two of the major branches that are near the top during the process of deep defoliation/LST. Saved by roll of tape again!

Edit: top cola pic above looks like she’s stretching towards the light like byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee #straightdippin


She is looking good what stage are you in?

She looks like the haze plant but a little bit more green.

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Day 17 of flower!! :sun_with_face: I’ve made a bunch of mistakes along the way but she’s persevering for sure. I kept having issues reaching her rear end during trim so she was really thick near the bottom with lackluster nodes that didn’t receive light >_<

Prob will end up extending flower cycle a little bit, I finally got the support rack wires yesterday and did a full and complete trim down and manipulated her branches a bit so that the unloved rear end can prosper! Tried to take pics but I finished trimming right as the light turned off so I had to close up and call it a night xD


Yeah you really just need to do it to learn.

I learned so much from my Sour D grow that we applied to our latest grow and she is amazing.

She is looking great cant wait to see them trichomes growing!