New Sharing feature is Live!


Hi Growers!

We are excited to introduce our new social media sharing feature for your Grow Journal! Here is a quick demo video for you to check it out.

Enjoy and start sharing those awesome pictures.


Private - Public Journal Switch

Just noticed a switch that allows? me to let others view my Journal. Mine is now switched On.


Interesting. Just back to my journal site. Do not see privacy site anymore.


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You will see the privacy button once you click through to a specific journal, it doesn’t show on the journal homepage with multiple grow journals.


@Stephen, can we delete the old journals yet?


Hi @greenman,

You can delete previous grow journals. If you have a previous grow but don’t put any pictures in it, the system generates a placeholder for you. It is basically a blank grow journal that simply states the date and the recipe used. To delete the placeholder grow journals, you need to add a photo to the journal, which will activate the delete button, allowing you to then delete the entire journal. We will be reviewing this process this week and tightening it up.

Does that answer your question at all?



@Stephen, I think it was the past grows I meant. The ones that never actually started when I had Wifi problems.