New nutrient tubes

What are the specs on the nutrient tubes? I need to replace a couple.
Latex 1/8" ?


Put in a support ticket incase replacing them with other brands voids out a warranty or is not ideal for the nutrients flowing through. Some growers have experienced nute burn that effected their bottles etc… A lot of foreign products are made with some weird stuff so lean on the side of caution and get the details before hand, who knows maybe you will spark a new product to be introduced into the grobo store for the rest of us! Maybe someone reading this who has already talked with support can answer better! Either way please leave us some info on how your situation was handled so we can all learn from you! Good luck grower! We will be watching! :eyes::seedling:


Just unplug em and do your own nutes :+1::v:


Out of curiosity did you break one or just want to clean up the stain that is left after use?

When I asked about this in the past the answer was to replace the whole dosing array but my intent was just to get new/clean hoses to refurbish a used unit I purchased.

What I ended up doing was this (route all hoses into the reservoir while cleaning)

Then I cleaned them like this:

  1. fill with vinegar, or water, or whatever cleaning agent is being used
  2. wait until the pumps run, usually within 5-10 mins of filling
  3. do a drain/fill again but “cheat” this time (the intent here is just to get it to re-dose a few times to circulate the solution through those hoses as well):
    a. leave all hoses (including the drain/fill hose) in the reservoir
    b. press the drain button in app and get it to start
    c. push down the floats manually to make it think it is empty
    d. press the fill button in app while holding the top two floats down
    e. release the floats and repeat 2-3 a couple more times
  4. repeat steps 2-3 each time the reservoir is re-filled (i.e. once for sterilization/cleaning, again for rinsing)

The tubes didn’t get entirely “white again” but it did clean out quite a bit of stain.

PS if anyone can think of a way to get the pH hoses included in this cycle that would be better, though they don’t seem to stain as badly as some of the others.


This is what I did also but next time I’m thinking about taking the ends that belong in the bottles and pull them out long enough so they can sit in a bowl of vinegar water for awhile or fill my empty set of bottles with warm vinegar water to do a drain and fill, and then a drain and fill with just hot RO water to clear any residue.
Hey @Stephen, hot water won’t hurt the components of the machine will it?

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New nutrient tubes

This might be correct: I checked it out with our (HandyDrillGauge) 1/8 was too tight to go through and the 9/64 was a little loose: I’m not a professional and I don’t know if there is an (InBetween) measurement that is not on the gauge: :nerd_face:

((#CleverGrowers)): :groboone::green_thumb:



Hey @TheWarden,

This just in…

5/32 OD, 1/16 ID. Silicone 40-50 shore

Does that help/make sense?



i can get close but not exact.

I have MS, in a wheelchair and use of 1 hand. I have a helper who cleaned out and sanitized. There were a few tubes that had mold/nutrients on inside and he suggested i get a 2nd set while i clean the recent grow. He was able to “squeegee” the muck out so i could start my 2nd grow but thinking it would be easier / faster to replace and clean the used set for next grow.

I’ll have to bust out my Digital Caliper and see how close i can get.

Thanks All!

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Hey Stephan any chance you guys can add them to the store

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Hey @Bplatinum9,

I’ll forward your request to the team, but my gut say’s this won’t make it to the store, more a repair part that I can send out. Keep the suggestions coming, love them!