New Grower, Fluid Glass Problem?

Hey guys. New Grobo owner. I set it up today, but it seems like nothing happens when I press the back button or the ‘fluid glass’ icon on the app. Also, am I supposed to be hearing a small ‘lock’ noise when pressing the ‘lock’ icon? If so, nothing’s happening, and the lock remains ‘unlocked’. Are these glitches? Or did I receive a defective unit. Sucks that support isn’t in on weekends :man_facepalming:
Any advice or ideas are appreciated! Thanks guys!

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It takes a little while for the glass to warm up. This gets better over the first few weeks.

If you engage the app button for the glass. You’ll need to do it a few times before you can see through.

I also found you need to apply a little pressure when closing and opening the door. The locking mech is on the top right where the door meets the frame. Hold the button on the back for like 2 seconds and then let go. Push the top right of the door and it opens.

To close and lock simply close the door and apply a little extra pressure on the top right to engage the lock

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Some of us had to bend the tab on the inside up a bit so it would catch properly. Try that​:+1::v:

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Thank you guys. I’ve got the locking mechanism down… still nothing with the fluid glass, but I’ll give it some time like suggested. Thanks again.

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Honestly, the fluid glass is more a pain in the ass than anything useful. Not sure why people want a glowing grow box. Might as well get a lighted sign saying “I’m growing cannabis” put on top the unit :joy::joy::joy:


My grobo’s fluid glass came right on out of box. No warm ups! @James experienced this problem with his fluid glass and has had problems ever since. @Stephen will be back Monday if you still need help, if you have yet to start seed I would get that box in full working order first.