New grow, thc bomb 6 days old


Can’t wait for the hands off approach





Hope it goes well. I’ve cut lots of fan leaves. No lolliepoping or any other help but topping 1 time. It’s fairly bushy but growing nice.


that looks great! at what day did you top


It was after the 5th node


Day 11


Why are the leaves turning brown :flushed:


Hey @toeknee, no need to worry. Plant looks fine, just had to get use to the nutes. You’ll cut those first sets off in a weekish or as soon as the new growth covers them :+1:



Have you put a (SupportTicket) in :ticket::tickets: The (GroboSupport) Can keep an eye on your grow for you and can make adjustments when needed… :thinking:

I agree with @Dew, Your new growth does look good… This is important…


This might help also @toeknee-



Hey @rainstorm3 check this pic out. I did the first dosing on day 11 as you said my little girl OD’d and this pic is day 16 suffering the hangover. I didn’t even bother alerting Grobo guys as it was my own doing and all the new growth was good, She’s fine now at day 24.

Hey @alucard on your post about your plant look at my girl below a little rough but she’s fine and yours will be fine too. Your new growth looks good. :+1:

98A92119-F7BF-4BF7-A35A-405E0CEED16D.jpeg1536x2006 1.9 MB


I would not worry mine looked like exactly like that at first. Now 90 days later or so she looks great.





Hey @toeknee she’s still looking good, but you might wanna send a ticket in and have um check your nutrient and water levels are where they should be- you could also get rid of those two bottom leaves as they are not any good.


Submitted a ticket thanks


Update looks like a change to my ph might be the fix. Should I remove the two bottom leaves?


Yup I would take them off they’re not doing anything for the plant anymore



Looks real good