New grow - help needed


Hello! Please see pictures attached. My grow seems ill. Please advise with suggestions on how to help this grow. I have followed drain and fill requests very carefully.


Hi scsouthern,

I just saw a support ticket come through, enabling me to dig into your unit and see what has happened. We will get you back on track.



Thank you Stephen. I definitely need your help! Were you able to see the photos that I submitted (3)?


Hi Stephen. I would also be very interested to know what you found when you checked my unit. Thank you.


Hi scsouthern,

Looking at the data, I only see one drain over the past 17 days, so your plant is really hungry for food. It seems you have been very diligent in adding water to the unit and keeping it full, but the unit needs to be fully drained and then refilled each week to be effective. Your last drain and fill was great, allowing the system to dose nutrients, so you should see improvements in your new growth. The two bad looking leaves can be removed and discarded. They are no longer helping the plant grow.



Hi Stephen!

Thank you for this additional information. As noted by the original support rep, Robyn, the first drain and fill may have been problematic because I had to pause during the process. During the most recent drain fill, I did not pause at any time.

I will be away all of next week from M - F. I am planning to do a drain fill before I leave on Sunday, and will do another when I return home on Saturday. I am hoping the machine will figure out that I did that, and not ask while I am away, but any help you could offer would be great.

I will also trim off the 2 dead leaves.

Thank you again!


Hi Stephen,
Why do you have to drain and fill? Cant you just top it up? It seems draining and filling so often will use up precious nutrients as they would have to re-infuse the water if filled with fresh. Can you refill with the water you drained? It would get very expensive to buy additional bottles of nutrients if you have to drain and refill with fresh distilled water as the sensors would initiate a re-dosing of the water no?


Hi @Andyrmt,

Hope this helps,



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