New Grobo Start Videos!

What did u grow this time


Zkittlez Glue and some Cilantro! :eyes::seedling:


An how u gonna keep growing the cilantro

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Right in the start! Just to see what happens, I’ll keep you posted!


@Stephen thinking out loud couldn’t I just put the unit on a timer?


Turn on for 10 hours then power off for 1 min then power back up for 8 hours then power off for for the remaining 6 hours for the day?


Hey @Mpower11,

You gotta hit the button once you power cycle to get the light to go back on, but you may be able to figure something out. If you do, let us all know!



Dam I missed that part. Ok my start came in the mail today so I will play it with it tonight


@Stephen Once the roots hit the water do you recommend you remove the wick or leave it in?

Also if the answer is leave it in I have the same question when transplanted in the Grobo?


I leave it in the Start and remove it in the Premium/Solid. You don’t want the peat pod touching water, it’s very dense and holds a ton.

Wick or roots in the water is all that’s needed.


Thanks for the clarification

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Is it just me or does this remove the ability to pop the pod in further.
Auto growers dont use this.


@ToddYYC good catch… no, you will not be able to push the pod in the tank with this method as far as my brain can tell.


Here’s two ways I’ve been using my Start so far.

Both are clones from my Blue Dream CBD.

The one on the left, I had to cut a slice in the side of the peat pod to fit the cutting in. It already had rooted from a glass of water. When I put it in, the root was fed upwards instead of down, so I tried to fish it down through the peat pod holder but I accidentally broke the entire root off… Decided to let it go… it re-rooted and now has even stronger roots than ever! Not sure what I’m gonna do with it as it may be a little early to transplant as my next plant, but I am gonna keep it alive.

Thinking about topping it possibly and seeing if I can keep things going.

The one on the right has been thriving underneath the light and has almost doubled in leaf size since then. She was looking really rough with some really ugly leaves and possible deficiencies but it seems like I cleared things up hopefully for the most part… Gave her some nutrient water with Grobo #3/#4/#5 and pHed it to the best of my ability.

p.s. the one on the right looks a little thirsty, just gave her some water this morning so she should perk up a bit. I don’t have drainage holes in the bottom of the bottle so I don’t water much.



  • (We Are Limited To Dropping The Pod By How Well You Lollipop Your Plant): (You Can Unsnap The Top Of The Pod Holder So The Pod Can Fall Through The Lid With No issues Here): (The Limit Is Where The Thickness Is On Your Plant):

  • (SoOurBlueberryGrowCouldGoDownALittle): (OfCourseSheWasShort-So-NoNeed): {:wink:}:

  • (Of Course I Didn’t Lollipop Our AccapulcoGold Enough So I Couldn’t Drop Her): {:crazy_face:}:

  • (-So- My Point Is Lollipop it Well If She Is Going To Be A Giant): (-Also- Depends On How Your Stock Thickness Progresses):


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What is the easiest way to change the water in this thing?