New Grobo Solid won’t fill :( [RESOLVED] 😃

Hi Everyone,

My grobo solid finally arrived! Unfortunately it will not fill. It is connected to wifi, and I can hear the pump running but nothing is being pulled from the bucket. I’ve opened a ticket but want to see whether anyone else had this issue and figured it out. I’ve restarted the unit and grow several times hoping a reset would work… unfortunately nothing seems to make the water pull.

My seed has sprouted in the paper towel so am I anxious to get her started (sweet tooth auto) :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

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Try advancing to next cycle then go to maintenance. Try using the drain function to make sure pumps aren’t hooked up wrong. Unfortunatly I think I saw that in a thread before. I’m not sure if it will work or let you but just something you could try.


Also check for blockages.

Thank you for the input! How do I check for draining when the pump turns on? Feel the outlet for suction?

Thanks again!

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I would disassemble back and side panels first and make sure there’s no shipping damage. Then you’ll have access to fix anything if needed.

And open a ticket with support


Update- pump is running! Just booted it back up this morning and all seems well… did a router reset last night… that might have been it!

Thanks everyone! Sweet tooth is in the pod.





won’t fill


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